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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 2:08 AM CST

I'm losing my mind. Can't find my address book. I need these folks to e-mail me their mailing addresses:
Peter & Cheryl Wiederspan
Mark & Christina Nelson
Erik & Evy Haroldson
Peter & Danielle Bain
Thomas Bebee
Will & Stacy Mouat

Just a few notes, I am still soooo tired!
We went to the basketball tourney in Lewiston. Wow! What fun we had. Great group of kids. And to top it off, they beat Clarkston to win it all! Clarkston beat us in the Pendleton tournament, and they also beat us on Saturday at this tournament. Sweeet revenge....the Warriors did awesome! Just a few pictures:


Some of the fans...these are the sibs.

Zach and Gran'pa Spud (Judy's dad).

Zach and Nana (Bob's mom).

Other fans in attendance: Bob, Mindy, Annalee, Caleb, Uncle Butch, Aunt Christy.

And of course, Grana and Granpa.

Congratulations, Warriors. We love you!


PS. Here's a clip of Zach 22 on defense!

video delete…

Dad's Guitar

Friday, January 27, 2006 0:27 AM CST

Conspiracy of Hope

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 0:34 AM CST


Click here to see the front-page Union-Bulletin article on Conspiracy of Hope! I tried to scan the full pictures, but it didn't scan well, I'll play with it a bit and scan it later! There was a picture of Dave, the one at the top of the page in the frame Lisa gave me, and a picture of the photo board, too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 0:34 AM CST

Here is a picture of Shane teaching Zach to play Dave's guitar. I love the smiles. I hope that Zach will smile when he plays, like Shane does, like Dave did.

This is what Kate is doing when Zach is playing guitar!

This is what Kenny is doing while Zach is playing basketball.

Here is a picture of Zach and his team. They were AWESOME in Pendleton, going all the way to the championship game and taking second in the tourney....only losing by 3 in the last game. Amazing. And such great kids.


Another One of Those Days

Monday, January 23, 2006 11:25 PM CST

Warning: not for the faint of heart or the worry-warts.

I'm having another of those days.
The days when I not only can't fix it,
but I can't stand it, either.

Another part of the cycle.
Another low on this roller coaster.

Kevin is faltering.
Lou can't walk.
Fred is dying.
Hadley has no trial to enter.
Hailee's been in the hospital.

I write to these people.
I love these people.
People I've never seen,
never touched,
who are still my friends.

Sometimes my only friends.
If it weren't for Lisa,
dropping by,
the gift of another adult voice
in my house,
someone to just hear
the small, everyday stories,
I think I'd come unglued.
Amid the busy, rowdy noise
of kids and their friends,
it's so lonely here.

I try to pray,
for those still in the fight,
I try to pray
for my children
I try to pray
for what's left of my family,
but on nights like tonight,
my prayers feel useless,
falling through darkness
to land

Quick One

Monday, January 23, 2006 0:42 AM CST

Very quick update before bed:

Lou is in the hospital, he cannot walk. Please pray for him. They don't think his symptoms are being caused by tumor, but aren't sure what it is. Pray for Lou and pray for Cathy and their two boys, Drew and Damon. She is handling things beautifully, but is very afraid. Pray for God to continue to guide her steps as she cares for Lou, makes decisions and cares for her boys.

The tournament in Pendleton was great. The boys did fabulous, taking second place in the tourney. They lost the championship by only 3 points. Zach was on fire, despite his blisters. Oh to be young and heal that quickly!

Kate had a great time with Uncle Bob on the slopes. She loved it and is already trying to figure out how she can get on the mountain again!


Love, Chelle


Saturday, January 21, 2006 9:20 AM CST

*** We're at almost 100,000 hits on this website. If you are the 100,000th person, write a note in the guestbook! Then send me an e-mail. A Dave Meyer cd to visitor #100,000!!! ***

A year ago we were in the hospital in Seattle. Dave had surgery for the third time on January 18th. The trip over was like the third circle of hell. Rain, snow, sleet, every person I love in a car on that treacherous mountain. The flights were canceled. Dave was out of it...the tumor causing so much swelling, his brain not working right. Tension was high. I remember my Dad deciding to go out of our way to get gas at Costco and being furious, not wanting to go over the bridge in the snow, handing Dave the cell phone, telling him, "Call my Dad and tell him we are NOT going to Costco. I'll give him the $2.50 he'll save in gas." Ranting in typical Michelle style. I looked over at Dave. He was staring at the cell phone like he'd never seen it befor…
Monday, January 16, 2006 7:28 PM CST

Today, ten years ago, Dave got his girl. He called her Katie and BabyCakes. Every time we were pregnant, he was sure it was a girl, hoping for a girl. And then Kate was born.

Dave was radiant. We watched the video today from the day Kate was born. How little did we know that our lives would change so drastically in less than a year. Dave looks happy, joyful, energetic. But he also looks pale and thin. Or do I only see it now?

We celebrated at the ice rink. Just like last year. Last year, we were preparing for Dave's third surgery, scheduled January 18th. Dave couldn't skate, but could cheer the girls on.

I can't believe she's TEN!!

I'm so proud of her. The shirt she wore for her party has a picture of her as a baby, with Dave and I both looking at her. It says, "Pretty baby." I hope she always remembers how he adored her.

Love, Chelle

Puppy Dreams

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 6:16 PM CST

Did you see the D.O.G. banner above? It's our new motto: Depend On God. And we have Duke to remind us!

Okay, Claudia....I'll tell the story about Duke's name, but first, let's see if anyone can guess. All of Claudia's guesses were wrong. Deb and Melinda, you're disqualified, because you already know where "Duke" came from.

First 5 people to get it right get a Cancer Sucks Club button!

I've been thinking we need to add a middle name that starts with "J" so that he can be a DJ like David Joseph. Even though no-one ever called him DJ. Any votes on that?

He's been such a sweet puppy. As you can see, he mostly sleeps:

We are enjoying him tremendously!

Other news:
Kenny went skiing Saturday. He said he had a blast, only fell once and went on the lift six times! He's such a snow enthusiast.

Kenny's decided to do his community service project on brain tumor awareness and wants to …

Dog-gone It

Sunday, January 8, 2006 1:43 AM CST

Okay, first some pictures from the past few weeks, just so you can keep up on what we've been doing.

This is Dave's birthday party. It was rather impromtu. We had decided to just spend time together, just me and the kids. But as the day wore on, we decided we had to have a cake. It was a big joke in our family, how we always got a cake, even though Dave didn't really like cake. So we got cake, rented Stripes, Dave's old favorite movie, and a few friends dropped in. We decided to have the sparkling cider that Secret Santas brought.

Will and Zach toast Dave.

Kenny, Meg, Kate, Will and Zach blowing out the candles.

Deb and Shelley, from Kate's slightly lower perspective.

Kenny being, well, Kenny.

We were invited to the Bergstrom Almost New Year's party and the kids made gingerbread houses.

Will and Quinn. Or as Dave called them: "Double D and Q."

Kate and Zach. Notice the Cougar shirt? In this picture, the last one and…


Saturday, January 7, 2006 2:12 AM CST

January 6.
Happy Birthday, Cindy.
Happy Birthday, Cheri.

Dave used to call this day "Happy Un-Tumor Anniversary." And, as you might guess, he had a little song that went along with it.

That was one of the differences between Dave and I. He saw this as a day for celebration. The day the surgeons took out the tumor.

I saw it as one of those dark days. The day they told me that my husband's tumor was malignant.

He had been in that wreck on December 23. They did an MRI, put him on anti-seizure meds and steroids, and scheduled him for surgery. At the pre-surgery conference, the doctor asked, "Do you have any questions?" Dave said, "Only one. Do you believe in God?" The doctor looked Dave in the eye and said, "Yes, I do." Dave relaxed into his chair and said, "Okay, Shelley, you take it from here."

So I asked a million questions.

Then the doctor had one for us. "Do you have a will? A living will?" D…


Monday, January 2, 2006 1:52 AM CST

(Jan 3 - I added a pic of me with Kyle, see below)

Today is January 2.
One of the five happiest days of my life.
It's the day Kyle was born.
Dave was so excited. All through the pregnancy, Dave was sure this was a girl. He bought this little pink sleeper. He was just sure that Kyle was a girl. Actually, he was sure it was a girl all four times! But if he were to be a boy, his name was to be Kenny or Erik. Kenny or Erik. Erik or Kenny. We went back and forth. Dave said, "Oh, it didn't matter anyway, since Amanda Loree was going to be born." A few days before Kyle was born, we had an ultrasound, because there had been so much confusion on his due date (turned out he was 3.5 weeks overdue!), and we discovered he was a boy! A boy! We were amazed. And suddenly decided to name him Kyle. Don't ask me why or how. It just happened.

Dave's brother, Bob, was in town for the weekend. I'd had a lot of contractions on Dave's birt…