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Far Away

Keep breathing. It's kind of a mantra among those of us unlucky enough to be in the know.
So we do.

Zach playing basketball. He made the A team, which is a great accomplishment, but he feels his game performance has been lacking compared to his practices, so throw up a prayer for him, would you? He's frustrated, and I'm at a loss. Dave would know what to say to help, but I have no clue.

December 3 was Duke's first birthday. He's been a wonderful addition to our family. We all love him beyond reason. We had a cake. With candles. Duke got one tiny bite. He's such a polite dog!

And we made our annual trek to Klickers to get the tree. You can see this year it didn't dwarf our vehicle. I wonder if it's because we got a smaller tree or a bigger car??

Kenny's been into pottery lately. He's made some beautiful things and is really enjoying it.

Butch Gamboa

Another warrior has laid down his sword.
Another young widow looks for a way to pick up the pieces.
Another family torn apart, grieving, stunned by a loss that is simply, completely unfathomable.

Butch was 17 days older than Dave.
He and Kara just celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

Faith is believing in what we cannot see,
cannot know,
cannot understand.
Holding onto the promises,
with shaky hands.

Please, please visit Butch's webpage and leave a caring thought for Kara, his wife. Link is to the right.