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Graduation 2009

So...the biggest news - Kenny graduated!

It's too amazing!

He hugs just like his Dad.

He's been so lucky to have such great friends.

And family...

We had a great barbeque and party the next day to celebrate!

Thanks, Matt...for everything.

It's unbelievable to me that Dave is not here.
The summer that Dave was getting sicker, Kenny went to WaHi football camp in Moscow for the first time. We took a trip over there. Dave got to see Kenny on the field, in a WaHi jersey. By the time the season started in the fall, Dave was gone.

And I had the same feeling then that I did at graduation. How is it possible that these things are happening without him?

I wanted to feel proud. Proud of Kenny for all he's accomplished. Homecoming King, Most Inspirational Player (twice), the Lou Jacky Award, all his medals, his letters. And proud of our little family, for making it through. And I did. I really did.

But mostly I felt that reeling sense of unreality. Like it wasn't really happe…