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Sunshine & Baseball

Yesterday, I got a sunburn. That's right, a SUNburn. SUN! Glorious sun. I didn't even mind the sting in the shower this morning. Spring came and then it hid, and things have been pretty cold. Last week I wore gloves, hat and scarf to one of Z's games. It's nice to see the sun.

Yesteday, Will, Stacy, Ryan, Christian, Kyle and Caleb came to Zach's game. Z's comment: "Oh no, it's RICHLAND!" But the team did well, only lost by one run each game, so it was a good outing. It was great to see the Moaut clan again. What an amazing family. Kate and Ryan love to give each other a hard time, and Christian and Kenny had a lot of fun hanging out. Little Caleb loves Kaitlyn. He was very sad when she left for a birthday party. We all went out to dinner with Tiffany and her mom. What a great time. My kids are already asking when we can go to LaGrande. They like being around Will. It's like seeing Erik or's just a little bit of …


Dear ones,
I'm sorry I've been missing. We've had connectivity problems with the internet. Something weird about the router. And Kenny's had this cold and I finally caught it. And then it was spring break and I was behind and worked a couple of 12 hour days to catch up and taught an extra class over break since the kids were still in school and now this week, they're off, but I'm in the crazy first week of the quarter at WWCC and my classes are overflowing and I'm still fighting this stupid cold, and you get the picture.

And now you get the pictures!

We celebrated the end of one basketball season. The boys ended their season withonly one loss. An amazing season. Amazing kids.

And then another season ended. The girls took 2nd in three tournaments this year!

The girls went all the way to the championship game in the Burbank tourney!

Then friends and family gathered:

To celebrate with Zach:

Who turned 16 on the 16th!

And got his driver's license the next day…