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It's my birfday!

"... joy and sorrow are inseparable. . . together they come and when one sits alone with you . . . remember that the other is asleep upon your bed."
- Kahlil Gibran

It's my birfday.

Well, it was 4 days ago anyway.

Mom and Dad came to visit. They brought Luke and Amy. That was the best. We went to Bob & Judy's for lunch and RED VELVET cake and ice cream and stupendous presents. I got flowers from Will and Stacy and lots of cards and e-cards and even a phone call from Uncle Rufus. It was a great day.

We came home, and the neighborhood girls (Kate & Amy, too) decorated my entire house. They created "David's Restaurant" in my living room with a jungle theme. Kate told us to get ready for dinner. I told her that Deb and I had plans to go out. Tears welled up in her eyes. Okay, change of plans. Call Deb. Tell her there's a new joint in town we absolutely must check out. She agrees, so mom and I were dispensed to the store to buy pine…


It's today.
August 23rd.
Two years.
Two achingly long years.
Two blink-of-an-eye years.

It's different this year.
Not better.
But different.

The blistering heat of August is absent.
The mornings are cool and misty.
The evenings have a nip of September.

Football has started.
Even that seems different.
More subdued, less intense somehow.

Like Kathy said,
I'm learning to move around this awkward piece of furniture that somehow arrived in my life. It's still there. Always will be. But I don't have to slam my shin into it continually just to prove that I can still feel something.

Grief is like a burden.
One we always carry.
We don't get to put it down,
but with time,
we learn better how to hold it.

Grief in the beginning is like being torn open.
Your heart is raw and exposed.
Even kindness burns.
But somehow, some day,
you begin to knit yourself
back together,
into something that resembles
a person,
in one piece.

To do that,
I've had to weave this
missing of Dave
into the fabric of my …

Prayer Request

TEAM MEYER: let's rally!

A friend of mine, her brother is in the hospital.

Please send prayers to Agnes and her family, especially her brother, Paul. Pray for his quick and complete healing and return to perfect health! Click below to visit his site.

Paul Vronsky

Peach Basket

Peach Basket Classic...
the ultimate sign of summer.
Hot, sweltering asphalt,
little heat waves rising from the blacktop,
sneakers pounding the pavement,
bouncing balls,
music pulsing,
jumping, leaping, blocking,
shouting, laughing,
shoulders pushing,
dripping sweat.

For about a zillion pics, click here:

Erik, Evy, Canute and Sonja made the trek over the mountains and across the wheat fields to join us again. It was like they never left. Canute took off with Quinn and Will, and we hardly saw him all Saturday. Kate and Sonja joined at the hip and had eyes for no-one else all weekend. It was good to be together again, although I was lousy company...this surgery stuff is for the birds. Never doing it again. I mean it. Never.

This year, Zach played with Seth, Andrew and Matthew...just like they've done since they were 8 years old. Matt was hurt, and couldn't play, but the other three wouldn't consider calling in a sub. Matt coached from the sidelines, smiling and laughing. The…