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I always kind of look forward to February.
There's President's Day. Nice to have a day at home.
January is over. (Nuff said)
And of course, there's Valentine's Day.
I know, it's a Hallmark thing. Designed to make you spend money.
But I really like the idea of a day to tell people you love them.
Especially in the middle of February.
When it's cold and bleak.
And the fun of the holidays are over and spring seems so far away.

And my Valentine angel was there again this year.

I have no idea who sends me a rose every year.
The card always mentions Dave.
I have a few suspects in mind, but no-one will admit to being the one who sends it. It always makes me cry. And I always bring home that lovely, fragrant rose and put it next to the golden rose that Dave bought me the last Valentine's Day he was here. And I smile. And cry a little. And mostly I'm thankful for the great love I had. Life with Dave was certainly a love story. A great adventure. And although it end…

AWOL again

Hello all,
So sorry for the long absence. I really do have a good excuse. Not just Facebook & Pet Society. Although that's been part of the problem! lol Here's a pic of my pet, Tuffy:

Okay. Here's what happened. It snowed here. A ton. Kate had a friend over spending the night and she stayed for 4 days because there wasn't really any way to get her home. Which is probably a mile away. And I drive a Suburban with really good tires. I still wasn't going anywhere! It was a mess. We were really buried. It was kind of fun, though. Like hibernating almost. I had gone to Walmart and REALLY stocked up. So we had lots of food and just hung out doing nothing and staying warm. Some sledding, but mostly just snuggling in.

It also meant that my sister & her family and mom and dad couldn't get here for Christmas. We spent the day with Dave's family and it was wonderful. But it was really, really hard not to see my family. My kids thought it wasn&…