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Happy New Year!

Hello all, it's already January. I can hardly believe it. All the old cliche's seem to apply. Time flies and all that. I hope this new year has dawned bright, full of love, full of hope for all of you.

First of all, I uploaded new e-mail software and it deleted ALL of my old e-mails and addresses. So, if you'd like to keep in touch by e-mail or if I've not answered something you've sent me or if you want me to have your e-mail address, you'll have to write me at Yikes, what a headache that's been.

Most of you know, or have at least figured, that I fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith. It's been discouraging that for most of December, I've found myself sitting at the computer, unable to find anything to say, not answering e-mails, not writing in my journal or on the blog. I've been feeling numb. The holiday letter remains unwritten. The tv is on far too much, I'm sleeping all the time. I've felt as if I'm hibernating,…