Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Kenny had a second seizure tonight.
After three months, I thought we were home free.
Thought the first one was a fluke.
This one was not as long. Only a few minutes.
And when he woke up, which took about 15 minutes, he was quite himself, not out of his mind like he was last time.
We transported him to the hospital in the Suburban with the ambulance following right behind us, just in case.
They gave him ativan and started him on keppra.
We'll see his doc this week and schedule an appointment with a neurologist...the closest one is in the Tricities, and they're booked out over two months.
Pray for Kenny.
Pray for me.
He's sleeping peacefully now.
Wish I could.

Love, Shelley

PS. Please pray for a local family. One son was a classmate of Kate's. He died on April 1. Then his father died April 2. According to coworkers at WWCC, both deaths were suicides, and this is what Kate was told at school as well, but there hasn't been any "official" confirmation of that. The mom worked with us for a number of years and the older sister is a classmate of Kenny's. There's another brother who is a freshman this year. My heart breaks for them. I cannot fathom what that family must be going through. Services are tomorrow. I hope that they feel the arms of this community around them and that God will hold them in the palm of His mighty hand.

Somehow, seizures seem like small potatoes now.