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Is it just me, or....

Music Video:LIFE IS A HIGHWAY (by Rascal Flatts)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone these things happen to other people, too?

Okay. We travel to Kelso for Jake's graduation. It was an amazing event. Jake is such a great kid. Seems like just the other day, Denise was coming through the airport, 5 month old Jake in her arms, and me with a huge Kenny tummy. Then Darren went to Saudi Arabia and Denise and Jake were stateside. We spent a lot of time together. Kenny and Jake were best buddies with practically interchangable mommies. They both loved to blow kisses onto my big Zach tummy. Denise would say that Zach was going to come out spotted and bruised from all the love he got even before he was born.

Jake's a lot bigger now. But his eyes are still as blue and he can still make me laugh out loud. Especially during late night card games at the beach. I haven't been yelled at by my mother in years, but it happened more than once at the beach. I blame it…


More BASEBALL! (Click on the word.) :-)

Track and More Baseball

Okay, here's what's going on at the Meyer house.
Baby Mama or Juno (previously known as Snickers) is getting huge as a house. Those babies are rolling around in there like little whirlybirds. Poor little kitty.

Duke is getting fat, too. Sympathy weight gain? I know Dave gained 15 pounds every time I was pregnant. I also know that he didn't KEEP 5 of those pounds every time like I did! Grrr.

Koda, on the other hand, is skinny as a rail.
Smokey, he has another family. We see him rarely.
And Macky, well, Macky is a BALLOON with fur.

Kate is tall and beautiful and has the messiest room in the world. No. I mean it. The world. The whole world. The door barely opens and I'm terrified of what's growing in there. She decided to dismantle her room in hopes of getting a new artsy paint job and a bigger bed. Well, just like her mother, she went a little wild, tore it all apart and then got distracted by something else. And so the wreckage remains. My camera battery …