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Saving someone

I came home sick today.  Took some medication, fell into a drugged sleep.
And had an awful dream.  Awful.

Someone I love was on a plane.
Finally coming here, to me.
He face-timed me from the plane, about to take off.
He said, "I need to talk to Kenny.  Let me talk to Kenny."
So I handed the phone to Kenny.
I could still hear him, hear his voice.
"Buddy, you've got to do something for me."
"Okay, what?"
"Tell your mother I love her."
"You can tell her yourself."
"No, bud, I can't.  She can't hear this.  You have to tell her.
Tell her I love her.  Tell her I'll always love  her."

Then the sound of gunfire.
Blood everywhere.
And the phone went dead.

Not knowing who to call,
we turned on the tv.
Watched as channel after channel carried the story.

The despair, the horror
Was so real.

I woke feeling awful.
But not really afraid.
I know that he wouldn't kill himself.
For a million reasons.

But Doug did.
And I nev…