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Another sign

My kids, early in the morning,
eyes blinking back the strong sun
shining through still frosty windshields,
singing country songs
and talking about Zach's surfer hair days.

In his defense, the chicks really did dig it!

He got his hair cut for baseball yesterday. I'll post a picture when he gets home.
Kenny got his hair cut today. Kate got hers cut. I'm the only shaggy one. Only not too shaggy, cause Kate cut my hair a few weeks ago. Lost about 4 or 5 inches. You see, it took a little while to get rid of the "crookedness." Oh well. It's only hair. It will grow back.


Sorry, folks, going to add one of those security thingies like Patti said. It means that you'll have to type in the letters. I hope that won't be too much of a pain. I love reading the comments and I hate to make it more inconvenient. GRRR.

More Signs of Spring

Hearts all a flutter,
people getting twitterpated,
like Zach and Kate
buying Valentine's presents.

And this flower that came to me at work, with a card: "Dave is thinking of you today. A Friend."

Wow. Thank you, friend, whoever you are. Thank you.

and this...

and this....

Flying baseballs, flying frisbees.
Spring is here.


What do I love about Walla Walla?
Besides everything?
I love that the seasons change in one day.
Today spring came.
The sun peeked out.
Green shoots poked their way through black soil.
When I opened the car door, the inside was warm from the sun.
I have callouses on my hands from raking willow branches.
I moved my Haroldson-andirondack chair from the garage to the yard.
The air is fresh and clean.
Neighbors are smiling as they clean away winter debris.
Sweeping away cobwebs,
sparkling windows let in new light.
Our kitten, outside for the first time,
climbed trees,
tight-rope-walked the fenceline,
and stretched out in a small pool of sunshine on the deck.
It's good. It really is.


TA DA! New smile on the way. Kenny did really well and after being a bit achey for a few days, is back to himself. March 10 the lowers go on. Even two years ago, I'd never have believed this possible. He's amazing.

And I'm in a huge fight with the State of WA over his disability benefits. Dummy me …


Okay, so here's the story. Tuesday, Kate goes to basketball practice at 4:00 am (really 6:30, but this what's a story without a little exaggeration?) and then has AAU practice in the evening at something like 7:00 pm. She gets home a little tired, and feels warm. I think she's just doing too much. Zach's been coughing for days and not sleeping well and is all congested. The nine inches of snow we got is STILL hanging around. And I just went to Home Depot 3 times in one night to try to get a sump pump so my basement doesn't flood. So that's the scene.

First act, I get up on Tuesday, Zach sounds a little worse and Kate's got a bit of a fever. So I give them tylenol, give Zach instructions to give his sister fluids and more tylenol in 4-6 hours and to call me if there are any problems. I go to work. (Kenny meantime, healthy as a horse, as always.) So no call. No news is good news, right?


Second act, I pick up Kenny, get home at 3:30 and say, &qu…