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Five Years Ago

This is what my children looked like five years ago.

This was June. How were we to know that Dave would be gone two months later? How could we have imagined such a thing? Sure, he'd been sick. But he'd been sick before. I could not imagine that he would die. Somehow I still can't.
In that five years.....
So much has happened.
We got a dog.
And then another.
Kenny played football.
Zach played football.
Kate danced.
Kenny skied.
Zach played basketball.
So did Kate.
Kenny ran track.
Zach caught baseball.
Kate played volleyball.
Kenny graduated and won the Lou Jacky award.
Zach graduated and was speaker at baccalaureate.
President Kate left middle school.
We hosted Japanese students and had barbeques. We went camping and to a million tournaments. Homework and dinner. School and the field. We drove in the car (a lot) and bought groceries (also a lot). Birthdays and anniversaries. Christmas and Easter. Hotels and church. Some everyday events. Some life-changing events.
New friendships were for…