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4 years

Official video here, with Matthew West's story.

(Written August 23, 2009)

Four years ago I awoke to Dave's last breath.
To questions that had no answers
in my little girl's eyes.

And I knew that my world was broken
beyond repair.
That the rift in my heart
would remain.

We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.
Marcel Proust

Grief is like that.
Sometimes, I can put it away.
In my pocket.
Out of sight.

But like a child,
it will not be ignored for long.
It squirms and pokes
and demands my focus.

And if I persist
in pretending it's gone,
it will rise up,
in a giant wave
and sweep away everything.

Everything but the
of a wounded soul.

I find that the more it becomes
part of me,
the more I allow

the more whole I become.
So I make friends with it.

This force that has
shaken me,
and my children.

It becomes part of
the way I think.
The way I talk.
The way I love.

I imagine that I can
run my fingers along the

Zach's Senior Slide Show

Can't believe he's a senior.
Dave would be so proud of Zach.
Zach is an amazing person.

Come watch him grow up!

And Steve, I promise a newsy update soon. There's a lot. Including a cougar encounter. And NOT the Wazzu kind!

Zach's Senior Pictures