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Hello all,
I know some of you have been waiting for an update. We're so exhausted! I'll put up something tonight and try to add to it over the next few days.

First of all, I didn't want to take my good camera and chance anything happening to it, so I took our handycam, which somehow broke along the way and ruined the disc. So the first half of the vacation pictures are lost, including pics of Cathy and the kids and pics from the Cubs game. Drat. And Cathy and I completely forgot to take a picture of the two of us together. That's the bad news. Well, that and when we got back, Macky was completely covered in burrs and it took hours to cut them all out and now he has a mowhawk. Which could be funny except for the fact that he also had burrs all over his bottom which held the poopy next to his skin which is all infected and he has a fever. Vet tomorrow. Poor kitty. You should have seen Zach and I giving him a bath after shaving out all the burrs. What a …

Chicago, here we come!

Things continue to be eventful around here.
Or at least, I continue to travel from event to event!

After Eugene, the boys travelled to Missoula, Montana, where they rolled over everyone and came home the undefeated champs. And this trip, they stayed in a motel. And took the team bus. Much better, eh?

Then they went to Wenatchee and Kennewick, oh and Lewiston, too.

And Kate went to the Eastern Oregon University for four days for basketball camp.

Then she and some friends competed in the 3-on-3 tournament in Hermiston, OR.

Then the Bruins had a home double-header. They won both of those games, but missed going to districts by one game. Drat.

And now we are headed to Chicago! Whoo hoo! I'm ready for a vacation. Although, I'm not looking forward to driving for 6 hours tomorrow and getting up at 4 am to get to SeaTac for a 6 am flight.

I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share when we get back. I'm going to see Cathy, the city mouse, and hopefully her b…

Home Run!

Well, the Eugene tournament was quite an adventure. Eugene is in a far away land. At least if felt that way. Lots of driving.

The team camped during the tournament because the Olympic Track trials are being held in Eugene and the hotels are booked solid. The campground was about 30 miles from the stadium, more driving.

The team has a bus, but they share it with the Bears, who were in Seattle. So the team drove in two Suburbans. Ummm...14 players, 3 coaches, camping gear for 4 days. You do the math...however you add it, the answer is...WON'T FIT! So Zach and assorted gear rode with us. I hadn't planned on leaving as early as the team, but there you go.

Had noticed a tack in my tire, decided not to mess with it and watch my air pressure. Thank goodness for those monitoring systems.

Finally, finally got to the campsite. Have you ever watched 16 year old kids pitch tents? It's pretty funny. Reminds me of when they rake the fields. One or two kids are working, the res…


Last weekend we had a tournament. We worked hard. And I don't mean just the boys. We had gate admissions, scoreboard and concessions to run. There were 16 teams at three different fields. Yikes. I slept all day Monday!

The boys did great. They made it to the semi-finals, but then had 6 of their players take off to basketball camp, so in that last game, they had players in really weird places. Like....Zach was playing first base. Yeah. They had 4 errors the first inning and by the second inning were behind 8-0. But they battled back and the game ended with them losing 10-14. I was proud of them.

So, the kittens are getting big. Gotta get some pictures of them soon. Poor little Snickers is ready to be done. And I think she eats her weight in food every day! The babies are adorable, though.

Tomorrow morning we're off to Eugene for a tournament. At least this time I don't have to run any concessions!

Wish us luck. Lots of baseball photos on the flicr site. …