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Puppy Dreams

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 6:16 PM CST

Did you see the D.O.G. banner above? It's our new motto: Depend On God. And we have Duke to remind us!

Okay, Claudia....I'll tell the story about Duke's name, but first, let's see if anyone can guess. All of Claudia's guesses were wrong. Deb and Melinda, you're disqualified, because you already know where "Duke" came from.

First 5 people to get it right get a Cancer Sucks Club button!

I've been thinking we need to add a middle name that starts with "J" so that he can be a DJ like David Joseph. Even though no-one ever called him DJ. Any votes on that?

He's been such a sweet puppy. As you can see, he mostly sleeps:

We are enjoying him tremendously!

Other news:
Kenny went skiing Saturday. He said he had a blast, only fell once and went on the lift six times! He's such a snow enthusiast.

Kenny's decided to do his community service project on brain tumor awareness and wants to raise money for research.'s a request: if you have used print or toner cartridges...for printers, copiers, fax machines...send the empties to Kenny. He will turn them in to Al Musella, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go directly to brain tumor research.

If you see Zach walking like an old man, that's because he went snowboarding on Sunday with Uncle Bob. He had a fabulous time, but methinks he overdid it just a tad. Hmmm, so unlike Zach.

Kate started back to Explorers, and it seems to be going well so far. She's very excited about her birthday this weekend, because the cousins are coming, the cousins are coming!

Me, well, it's a good thing that Duke is here, filling us all with such love, because most days remain pretty empty. Full of "stuff." Stuff to do, stuff to take care of, stuff to taxi kids to....the ache, however, remains, just under the busy.

Love, Shell

*****Jan 12 update*****
We have our 5 winners:
Kari Terry
Sara Huxoll
Kelli Knudson
and Kevin/Stefan via Kirsten

Consolation prize to Claudia, for entering twice! :-)

Well, we actually named him Duke for the Duke University Blue Devils basketball team. Zach has been a fan of Duke and their b-ball team since he was 4! (A Duke fan, even before a Cougs fan....hard to believe, I know.) We also thought that it was a bonus that Duke University has one of the very top brain tumor treatment centers in the world, and that they directly consulted on Dave's case for several years.

Cancer Sucks Club buttons going out to the winners. Please e-mail me your mailing address, my address book is buried in the closet!

Claudia gets a button, too, for pure persistence!

Save those printer cartridges, toner cartridges for fax machines and copy machines are good, too! And a HUGE thank you to Kathie, for all your help and dedication. Kathie found a way for all the printer cartridges from Walla Walla Community College to go to Kenny's project!! HOORAY!

And in response to Kathie's question, my understanding is that Kenny can continue to do this project all 4 high school years if he chooses. He will definitely continue through this school year and the summer. He re-evaluates his blueprint in the fall for his sophomore year, and decides then what to do. I suppose there's a chance that the Musella Foundation will stop accepting cartridges at some point, but they've got a great deal going for now, so I wouldn't anticipate it ending anytime soon. You can check it out at Virtual Trials & Musella Foundation Website They can get up to $5.00 for a single name-brand cartridge. And 100% that goes to brain tumor research. Whoo hoo!!

Also, please note,
THE DAVE MEYER CONSPIRACY OF HOPE CONCERT will be at WaHi's auditorium on January 24 and 25 (repeated show) at 7:07 pm. Free will donations at the door...I'm not sure what cause the concert is benefiting this year, will try to find out. Please try to come!

Love you all, Shell


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