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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 1:26 AM CDT

Hello, those of you who are still here. I've been struggling, not knowing what to write. Writing over and over in my head, but unable to bring it to paper...or pixels, I guess.

Coming home from Kelso after putting Zach on a plane to DC and Kenny & Kate on a motorhome to Long Beach...I passed milepost 158, just west of Tower Road on Highway 84.

That's where Dave hit ice on December 23, 1996 and wrecked the van. The wreck that started the journey.

We have a tradition of having a moment of silence and a prayer of thanksgiving as we pass this milepost, thinking of so many Dave could have died in the triple roll-over, how my Dad had just fixed the seatbelt, how they might not have discovered the tumor without the short, how a car wreck was a gift.

So I turned off the radio and prayed. Or if I'm honest, how I tried to pray. It's been hard lately.

Dave and I used to play the radio game. It's an annoying ga…

On and On

Monday, April 10, 2006 2:53 PM CDT

This week we lost
Clyde Green
Eric Buss
and a man named Gary from our list.

Matt had his surgery for his recurrence, and it appears his tumor is more aggressive now.

Kevin Terry needs your prayers. He's battling confusion and weakness from this disease, trying to rally to start a new chemo.

John Borre is battling blood clots.

Mike Messinger got good news. He's off treatment and had a stable MRI! HOORAY!

Update from spring break coming soon