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Start of School

Monday, August 30, 2004 11:05 AM CDT

Hello friends and family,
Thank you so much for your continued prayers. School has started and it's been quite a whirlwind at our house. Kenny is in 8th grade, Zach is in 7th and Kate is in 3rd. They are all really enjoying school and their teachers. Kenny & Kate are so happy to be back. Zach is a bit more reluctant. He has a killer schedule: Explorer Language Arts, Explorer Literature, Explorer Science, Algebra, Social Studies, Band, PE and an exploratory class called Money Matters. He's gonna have a ton of homework! And Algebra goes on his high school that's a little nerve-wracking. The boys are both doing football, so we don't even see them until 5:15 pm. That's been hard to adjust to...for mom anyway. Kate starts jazz and ballet in 2 weeks.

Dave has been at work full time, and at football practice every day. He's been really tired the past 4 days, and having a lot more headaches. Pray for pain relief and…

Sick, sick, and more sick

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 2:16 AM CST

Dave is still doing well. His labs were today and they are still good. His pulmonary function test was last week, no results yet.

He's pretty tired, and still has that nagging cough and a bit of a sore throat.

Now....the rest of us, well, that's another story. Kenny broke his perfect attendance record of 6 years and was sick the whole week of Thanksgiving and missed school. He was soooo mad. I stayed home with him and got it, too. No strep, though, the doc says it's adeno-virus. Kate came down with it middle of the night, well, actually Sunday morning. I was down for 5 days solid, felt horrible for another 3 and am still coughing. Kenny was the same, so I expect Kate to be down til Thursday or Friday. She has it in her eye, too. Ick. Should have known to up the vitamin regimen when I said,
"Gee, it's been ages since the kids were sick!"

Zach went to Seattle with the Dammarell family to see Drew Bledsoe slaughter the Seahawks.…

Not Sick

Sunday, November 21, 2004 2:13 AM CST

Saturday night, Dave's not sick. He's very, very tired, but no nausea or anything. We rested today.

Thank you, thank you for all the prayers.


Friday, November 19, 2004 4:09 PM CST


the BCNU is in! They did everything right this time, including protecting it from the light. And Dave's still not sick. I guess this is good.

He went to Kenny's basketball game right after chemo was done (Thanks Brother Bob for sitting with him through the infusion). Then he came home and ate a Big Mac and some of Janet's fabulous apple pie. Graded some papers and eventually went to bed. He's at work today.

I'm sure that he's Clark Kent's twin. Or at least his cousin.

Zach is off crutches...limping quite a bit, but we don't think the toe is broken. Bruised some, but not too bad. The nail is broken at the base, so that's the ouchiest part. Zach said his goal is to not get injured again this year. He said this, then promptly walked into the wall at the top of our stairs and proceeded to stumble down the stairs. How is it that this kid can pitch a baseball into the mitt every single time and catch a grape in h…

Oh Boy...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 5:33 PM CST

I tell ya what. God's got some weird sense of humor. Got a call from PiHi today. Two of them. From the nurse.

#1 Zach hurt his foot and is on crutches. We'll probably go to the doc when he gets his arm checked next and have it x-rayed to see if he broke his toe.

#2 Kenny had two odd episodes of shaking today at school and they're wondering if they are seizures. About 30% of kids with autism begin having seizures when they hit puberty.

My heel is better. I can wear shoes and walk...although I do kind of lurch like Frankenstein.

Dave is coughing so much he's puking.

So far Kate is safe.

As the hound on Aristocats says, "Kreiminitly!"

Prayer Requests

Sunday, November 14, 2004 11:47 PM CST

Dave has his next infusion on Thursday, November 18 at 1:00 pm. If you can, please pray. Pray for: protection of the chemo itself so that it gets into Dave's veins fully potent, that the chemo will attack and kill all remaining tumor cells and that Dave will tolerate the infusion and subsequent nausea well.

I hurt my foot on Friday. Thought I cracked a bone in my heel, but it's quite a bit better today. Pray I'll get well so that I can take care of everyone else!

We see the original doc for Zach's arm tomorrow and the second opinion guy next Tuesday. Please pray for Zach's arm. He's doing his exercises faithfully, and is already regaining a lot of motion, but it's far from good.

Thank you so much for the way you faithfully hold us up in prayer.

On the fun notes, Kate is preparing for her dance recital, which other than making 9 costume hats, is a lot of fun. Kenny is enjoying basketball, his coach is a gem. He has a home ga…

Zach's Arm

Sunday, November 7, 2004 1:10 AM CST

Dave got his blood counts on Friday. They look good. Hooray and thank you for all your prayers...they worked! Or rather, God worked!

New prayer request. Zach's arm is not healing well. They took off his cast 3 weeks early, because the bone is bowed. The doctor wants Zach to exercise his hand and see if it can be pulled back in line. Zach has lost almost all mobility in his left hand. He's quite upset because that's his catcher's glove hand. His arm looks quite crooked as well. We're going to seek a second opinion this coming week. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and complete healing for Zach. He's devastated that the injury may affect baseball.

Denise and kids are here for a visit. Soooo much fun. And Kenny has been quite hospitable. What a rare treat! Amy and Kate are joined at the hip, I think.

I have reduced my hours at's just been too much. My supervisor, Melinda, has been encouraging, supportive and hel…

Rock Me To Sleep

Wednesday, November 3, 2004 2:57 PM CST

This song reminds me of the comfort and rest we get from our Father, if we only ask.

Rock Me To Sleep
By Tom Hunter

All I can hear are the crickets
And the whistle from some lonely freight
I've been working so hard to make everything right,
But for now, it'll just have to wait.

'Cause tonight I'd like you to rock me to sleep.
I'd like you to sing me a song.
I'm tired of trying to figure things out
And I'm tired of being so strong.

I've never been too good at asking--
I'm more apt to do it alone.
And it's strange how a lot of us think something's wrong
If we can't do it all on our own.

It's funny how times when you're hurtin'
Make what's so familiar seem strange.
So when you need help, it's hardest to ask
And it always takes so long to change.


Monday, November 1, 2004 12:45 AM CST

Life rolls along at the Meyer house. Well, rolls may not be a bumpy enough word, but you get the idea.

Thanks to the generosity of the Pribilskys and the Wrights, we now have a wonderful new washing machine. We are so grateful....and laundry is actually fun again.

Bob's been trying to fix the hot water heater. We still leak, but we have hot water for showers, dishes and LAUNDRY! So we're blessed.

Dave is feeling pretty good. He's lost some weight and doesn't ever really feel hungry, but is trying to keep eating. His skin is really dry....his Ms. Clean wife has been pushing the washing of hands and the use of Purell at school, so he's added a hand cream to the regimen!\

Thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming. Dave has an appointment this week for labs. We hope his blood counts are holding steady. He's mostly over the virus he had, but the cough remains, and concerns me.

Conferences and football playoffs are…