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Today I got some pictures back.
I sat in the car, snow piling up outside, and I cried and cried.
I was homesick for a place that had never been home.
Haroldson homesick.
Maybe you can see in these pictures why moving to Seattle has crossed my mind.

Peter Bain and I have often talked about how the friends we made at UPS, who we were with for four years (some more, some less), have been the people that also made the deepest impressions on our hearts. There's something about that time in your life, the time when you are creating your own life, deciding who you want to be, there's something important and amazing about that time. Something almost magical. A love that Dave and Erik and Mark especially knew...and it grew to include Evy and me and of course Peter and Doug and Jim and Wayne and Jamie and Steve and many others.

Evy and I have often marveled at how that connection has been passed on to our a way that defies reason or explanation.

All I can say is that I'm…

Catching Up

Hello Constant Reader,
Friend, Ally, Supporter,
Prayer Warrior,
Brother, Sister...

I'm not sure what I would do without the support I get through this blog. I might go insane. Wait...I might be there already.

In fact so much so that I asked my children tonight what they thought of moving to the Seattle area. They all looked at me like I had three heads. I'm not thinking of doing anything drastic, but I look around and realize that in many ways, I'm terribly unhappy and lonely. So like any good 12-stepper, I look for a quick fix...geographical cure. Wouldn't it be nice to start over? Just ditch everything and go somewhere new and fresh and clean?

Not really, I guess.

For instance, we would have missed this one:

Zach says, "Mom, I need lunch money." (This, as I'm sweetly encouraging Kenny for the 15th time to get in the shower, as I'm gently reminding Kate for the 10th time to brush her teeth, as I'm giving positive affirmations to them all abou…


Please pray for me.
And for my "enemies" too.
I've been praying all day.
I am in the midst of a conflict now.
Praying for wisdom to do the right thing by Kenny.
Praying for courage to be honest, even when it's hard.
Praying for discernment to know what the objective issues are.
Praying for kindness to temper the honesty.
Thank you for praying with me for guidance and for God to be present in this entire process.