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What do I love about Walla Walla?
Besides everything?
I love that the seasons change in one day.
Today spring came.
The sun peeked out.
Green shoots poked their way through black soil.
When I opened the car door, the inside was warm from the sun.
I have callouses on my hands from raking willow branches.
I moved my Haroldson-andirondack chair from the garage to the yard.
The air is fresh and clean.
Neighbors are smiling as they clean away winter debris.
Sweeping away cobwebs,
sparkling windows let in new light.
Our kitten, outside for the first time,
climbed trees,
tight-rope-walked the fenceline,
and stretched out in a small pool of sunshine on the deck.
It's good. It really is.


TA DA! New smile on the way. Kenny did really well and after being a bit achey for a few days, is back to himself. March 10 the lowers go on. Even two years ago, I'd never have believed this possible. He's amazing.

And I'm in a huge fight with the State of WA over his disability benefits. Dummy me decided to do what seemed wise and SAVE some of the money he gets from Social Security after Dave's death. Well, now that he has over $2000, they want to deny all his benefits. What a mess. Should have bought him a big screen tv or something, I guess. Steve Jordan (absolutely amazing person and stellar human being) is helping me get the money moved to a disabilities trust, so hopefully it will be taken care of. But what a headache. And really, how far do they think $2,000 would go anyway? Sigh.

Kate is feeling better. She's at the Y playing basketball with a friend right now. Tamiflu is amazing, amazing stuff! Zach's still battling the cough and recurring fever, but she's better other than being really tired.

Basketball is over for Zach. Last game last night. We travelled to Yakima. The sophomores won again, only losing 1 game this season. Varsity lost, but is still 2nd in league and is going to playoffs.

Another sure sign spring is here....a box from Eastbay with size 13 cleats and XL batting gloves...all Under Armour, of course!

Walks away humming,

Take me out to the ball game
Take me out with the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,
I don't care if I never get back.....


  1. Pete from Ohio2/09/2008 7:30 PM

    Spring in one day? Lucky! It's supposed to be a high of 15 tomorrow here. We won't see spring until the end of March, no matter what the groundhogs said! Glad all are feeling better. Enjoy spring. Where did all the snow go?

  2. Oh, you had to ask...into the hole in my basement in the form of WATER needing to be pumped out, that's where! :-) Stay warm!

  3. We have the both trust funds for Ben. There are two types trust 1 that others can contribute to and trust 2 that Ben earnings he makes go into. We have both. They are great. The link to them are on the ARC website and the DDC website. If you do it right now they wave the sign up fee- but that will not last much longer, the legislators put so much matching dollars to help start the trusts.
    The braces look fantastic. Sherri

  4. The braces look great Kenny; glad that went well and best of luck for the bottom. Your right Walla Walla is amazing how seasons change and hopefully it stays changed for awhile even though that groundhog predicted more winter. Spring is certainly in the air!

  5. It's a balmy 3 degrees here, without the windchill factor. Enjoy spring. We don't seem to ever have that season here, we go right to summer, usually around July. Lucky you !! good to me!

    Love the blue braces, way to go Kenny!


  6. We had a little taste of spring on Saturday. Then - WHAM! - Arctic winds! Brrr. And remember me mentioning not getting a flu shot. Yeah. Not so smart...

    Beautiful smile, Kenny! Imagine how it'll look when they come off!

    --Patti in NJ

  7. Oh, and PS - size 13?? Holy mackerel.



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