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Nuff said.
Oh be quiet. If you were me, you'd think that, too.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. Been keeping up better with Facebook.
Oh, Pet Society...the bane of my existence. I'm obsessed. It's a truly sad story.

Now for the real news.

Kenny had a seizure. Not a small one. A big one. Got up in the morning, went to the bathroom, headed back to his room to get dressed and ended up convulsing in Kate's doorway.

Kate was brave and calm, she called 911 and answered all the questions, while I got Kenny into the "rescue position." He stopped breathing at the end of the seizure, and scared me by turning blue, but I was able to get him breathing again. Thanks, Tad Calwell and CPR.

Kyle flashbacks.
Dave flashbacks.

The ambulance came. Rocky Eastman was the first through the door. I had an immediate sense of relief. The paramedic uniform reminds me of my dad, makes me feel safe, like everything's going to be okay.


They took Kenny into the ambulance and he regained consciousness and FREAKED out. I won't describe it all, but let's say it was like nothing I'd ever seen before, it was the scariest 45 minutes of my life, and we had to sit in the driveway a long time, nearly an hour, before he calmed down enough to sit on the gurney so we could even drive to the hospital.

During this time, Kate and Zach are alone and quite traumatized. In shock, crying. It was awful.

Finally got to the hospital after we were there for half an hour or so, Kenny started to come around. Within an hour or so, he was pretty much back to himself. He sat still for a CT scan and thanks to Zach & Kate, they were able to place an IV.

All tests negative.
What does that mean? Well, there are no big tumors, significant bleeds, major scarring or hydrocephalus. Smaller things would show on an MRI, but not a CT scan.
Could he have another seizure?
Nobody knows.
They will do an MRI and an EEG over the next week or two. These tests may tell us if he is more likely to have another seizure or develop epilepsy. Or they may tell us nothing.
Some folks have a seizure as an isolated event. Sometimes in relation to an illness, head trauma or fever. Kenny's had none of those, but we're praying it's a one-shot-deal. That would be good. Only time will tell.

I remember this place.
It's called limbo.
i didn't like it here last time.
It's not any better this time.
No, I'm not getting used to it.

Kenny, on the other hand,
he's well over it.

"Go to bed, Mom!" he says,
when at 2:30 am I check on him
for the 20th time.
"I'm fine. Really, Mom.
I'm fine."

From your lips to God's ears, baby.
Straight to God's ears.

Love Shell

PS. Lots of hugs to Patti in NJ. Her dad passed away. My thoughts are with you and yours, Patti. And, yeah. Cancer sucks.
Guess what?
So do seizures.
Although so far, not quite as much.
Touch wood.


  1. Bless you all! I know you were all so afraid...especially Kenny! Your children are so compassionate. Their future spouses are going to be blessed to have them. Their life experiences will serve them well. And then in years to come, when they take care of YOU, you may begin to see a tiny glimpse of the reason.....Much love to your family during this Christmas season.

  2. Shell I am so sorry to know what you experience; what Kenny had to endure. What Zach and Kate watched. I hope there are some answers to sooth a mom's heart soon. Your heart has been damaged so much already it just doesn't seem fair and it makes you want to shout out and say enough is enough. Thank goodness your Guardian Angel Dave was right there to help Kate make that call, to console Kate and Zach when all they could do is wait, pray and hope, to calm a mother's heart and Kenny's body. I hope answers come soon and they give some real answers.

    My prayers also go out to Patti in NJ, Cancer does suck. It sucked the life right out of my dad as well. Take care, hold on tight and know friends are thinking of you.

  3. Thanks, Shell. And Sue. I appreciate the kindness you're showing. We're getting by. Planning and waiting for family to gather...that's GOOD...for the second time this year...that's bad. But I'm hoping the celebration we're putting together is something my dad would love. :)

  4. Oh gosh. I'm so sorry to read about Kenny. I can't imagine. Huge prayers to all of you......

  5. I've noticed your obsession with Pet Society ... hummm, don't you already have enough pets to worry about?

    Good to hear Kenny's back to normal ... question is, are you? Is Kate? Is Zach? Hard not to have flashbacks, even for me and I didn't witness Kenny's seizure.


    Limbo sucks

    Love you

  6. That sounds, well, absolutely, flat-out terrifying.

    So we'll pray it was a one-off, never to happen again.


    Prayers and big hugs to you, mama Meyer.

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to read about this. Seizures can definitely be scary, and they truly do suck. That said, we'll pray and hope that this was a one time thing.


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