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Hi all,
It's been an eventful time here at the Meyer household. Ummmm...well, when isn't it?
Football practice, volleyball practice, WWCC starts Monday, so I've been prepping.
Zach sprained his neck last week in practice, so he didn't get to play last week, and he doesn't get to play tonight. He also was sick last weekend, fever/sore throat. Poor kid. Drat. The first game in Hermiston was a lot of fun. Blue Devils won! And then they beat Ike last week.

The school year is off to a good start. Kate loves volleyball, and she and her friend Sadee have started their own blog. You can visit it here: Best Friends Blog. She's liking her classes. She's in Algebra this year as a 7th grader, and along with Explorers for 3 periods a day and Advanced Science, she's been pretty busy.

Zach decided to stay at WaHi and not do Running Start at WWCC. He's taking AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP History, Lit/Comp, Advanced Strength Training (PE), and third year Spanish. A pretty heavy load, but so far so good. Even with the math homework!

Kenny is a senior. He is loving that in a big way. He's taking Advanced Drama, Woodshop, English, Math, Advanced Strength Training (PE), and Computer Applications. It's a good fit for him.

Seems like there were a few anecdotes I planned to tell you all about....but darn if I can remember them. I'll leave you with some pics.

HEY!!! Do you like the new banner?? I was so proud of myself. I worked on it FOREVER! I'm no HTML wizard. But I figured out how to do the rounded corners and everything. Whoo hoo! I was up til 4 am...AGAIN. Will I never learn? I have a button on my Flair board at Facebook that says, "Sleep is for the weak." HA.

Quote of the day: "You're back in the laundry business!!" Sears Repair Guy


Matt Stroe is still coaching this year, thank goodness. He's working for the sheriff now and he and his beautiful wife, Liz, have a darling baby boy. Future football player, methinks.

And the Sumerlin family. Oh how we LOVE them!

We took Dave's friend Diana to lunch for her birthday. She was delighted to see the kids and quite dismayed that they are all taller than she is! You have to know Diana, but in her mind, she's TALL!

I think I have a version of this shot each year. It makes me cry. Makes me miss Dave. Makes me so very thankful that there are people like Matt, who carry the torch, pass the love and step in the gap.

Okay, I try not to cry every post. But I usually do. And here it goes again. While making Kenny's senior pic slideshow and going through old photos, I found a lot of things. Some I hadn't seen for a while, and some I'd never seen at all. A lot of stuff from Dave's school desk was in this closet. It's been just pushed back there. I'll share a few of them with you over the next few posts. Here's one of Dave's famous little yellow sticky notes. When his memory started to go, he used these little notes to help him remember. They were everywhere in our house. On the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, on the dash of his car, on his briefcase, on the closet, on his shoe, on his toothbrush. And occasionally on my stuff, too. This one was on the bathroom mirror one day after he left for work.

See why I love him so?


  1. Love the picture of us!
    The True Meyer Familyy

  2. Shell
    The new banner is wonderful! Shell, Dave continues to cheer for your its just from Heaven now.

  3. Your right Matt is such a great guy. Your boys are very special to him.
    Love the new pictures. Kathie

  4. Even with tears in my eyes..I can see..
    why you love him so...

    You are still loved!!

    from Iowa

  5. Oh Chelle, yes, we see, it is impossible not to!! How sweet you find these things because I think it is intentional, they are there to help you at this very moment. How perfect, a cheer for you, from Dave. Hear hear! Dear, sweet, wonderful man. Still.



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