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Track and More Baseball

Okay, here's what's going on at the Meyer house.
Baby Mama or Juno (previously known as Snickers) is getting huge as a house. Those babies are rolling around in there like little whirlybirds. Poor little kitty.

Duke is getting fat, too. Sympathy weight gain? I know Dave gained 15 pounds every time I was pregnant. I also know that he didn't KEEP 5 of those pounds every time like I did! Grrr.

Koda, on the other hand, is skinny as a rail.
Smokey, he has another family. We see him rarely.
And Macky, well, Macky is a BALLOON with fur.

Kate is tall and beautiful and has the messiest room in the world. No. I mean it. The world. The whole world. The door barely opens and I'm terrified of what's growing in there. She decided to dismantle her room in hopes of getting a new artsy paint job and a bigger bed. Well, just like her mother, she went a little wild, tore it all apart and then got distracted by something else. And so the wreckage remains. My camera battery is dead or I'd post a picture. Truly, you would not believe it. I don't worry about it too much. She just has to figure out her own laundry situation, because I am not, repeat NOT, going in there to retrieve anything. Even lost cats. Or brothers.

Zach is playing baseball. I know. You heard something about that before. Get ready to hear it again. It's going to be a baseball summer, and if you aren't a fan, well, hopefully some funny stuff will happen while we're watching baseball and I'll post about that! You can read about his latest game here: Bruins Baseball

And Kenny, well, Kenny has been amazing. We went to the Oregon Regional Special Olympics track meet. Kenny took three gold medals. It was a lot of fun. He ran the 100, the 200 and the 4 X 100 relay. The most astounding thing: Kenny runs the third leg of the relay. His team was dead last when Kenny took the handoff. Then he really poured it on. He stretched out those long legs and RAN. By the time he handed off to the anchor person, their team was in FIRST! It was a lot of fun. The lighting of the torch is always inspiring. The folks from the calvary gave out the medals. And the kids. They all cheer each other on. It really is an amazing thing. If you've never been to a Special Olympics event, go. GO! It's hard to explain.

Football is going on, too. Back to cleats and helmets and shoulder pads. And sweat. Lots of sweat.

No wait, that's rain. Torrential downpour. Isn't this June?

Only 8 more days of school. WOW! I've got a lot more than 8 days worth of work to get done.

AND....I have the sweetest kids in the world. I don't know if you can read this, but I went to put something on the grocery list and found this:

Kate wrote: "I Love You, Mom" on one pad. Then Zach wrote: "Yeah, me too!" on the other. Wow. How many moms get love notes from their teenagers? I'm blessed. I wonder if note-writing is genetic? Dave was a note writer.

Kenny's not a note writer much. Mostly when he's mad. Doesn't seem to hurt him at all as evidenced by the following picture. Kenny always does seem to be talking to the prettiest girls in the room.

But he still makes time for Mom!

Grana and Grandpa came to cheer. And keep Kate cool and happy.


LOOK AT THIS KID FLY! Number two isn't even in the frame!

Number ONE!

When you're winning, you even like your kid sister!

Blue Mountain Stampeders!

Zach catching. I know...again. I like it. You'll see it again.

Throwing. Again.

But this one is new. He got to run his bases! For those of you that aren't so much into baseball, most of the time, catchers don't get to run their own bases. In order to save time and to also save wear & tear on their legs, they usually put in a courtesy runner so the catcher can go gear up. The last few games, Zach's got to run. Whoo hoo! Here he is on second. Intense, watching, ready.

But apparently, even that can get he is on third.

Praying for Patti's family.
Praying for Kristi, traveling back & forth to Seattle weekly for chemo.
Love you all.


  1. What a wonderful post Chelle. The picture of Bob and Kate brought tears to my eyes. I could see Dave there instead of Bob; I'm glad Bob is there though! Kenny looks terrific; Zach too! I'm so glad the kids leave you those notes; isn't it fun. Both my girls are note people and callers. My oldest who lives in Arizona with her husband and daugher still calls me everyday (thank goodness she pays her own cell phone bill) just to tell Mom "I love you." Kids are great most of the time. Praying for Patti's family and most certainly for Kristie and her family each and every day.

  2. Thanks to you and Sue for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers. News has been good for my aunt, uncertain for Dad (though Mom is starting to crumble) and for Laura. I continue to think positively and hope for the best.

    Loved your post, especially the GREAT picture of Kenny and Kate. :)

    Enjoy those notes and the baseball!


  3. My goodness, as always, your life exhausts me girlfriend!!! But baseball...well, you know, I'd give anything to still have kids in baseball. So enjoy it , enjoy, it will be over before you know it. The kids look GREAT and so do you !! Love the haircut, and good for Kate with the straightening iron!!

    So, ARE YOU COMING ?????

    Sending you love and hugs.


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