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Summer's On Its Way

Spring is wrapping up. Already. We're getting ready for Jake's graduation from high school. Can't wait to go see them. He'll be attending WSU in the fall. We're all so proud and excited. School ball is over for Zach. He got drafted to the Bruins for summer ball. He'll be traveling to Eugene and Missoula among other places, doing what he loves it up behind the plate, blocking wild pitches, throwing runners out when they (stupidly) try to steal second, all that jazz.

Kenny went to regionals in Spokane for Special Olympics and won FOUR GOLD MEDALS! Wow, his best showing yet. He had his awards barbeque for school track tonight.

Kate arranged a very sweet "David's Restaurant" Mother's Day brunch for me and all the neighborhood moms. Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread on our deck. Warm sunshine and flowers and fancy placecards. It was lovely.

Then we joined the Meyer/Johnson clan for dessert that evening. Dessert and a cranium game that required odd gyrations from young and, ahem, what did Mindy call it? those more advanced in age, alike.

At school for me, the job is crazy-busy, especially with Melinda (our department head) on sabbatical, but it's good. Midterms are over and we're registering for fall quarter, which means we're on the downward slide toward summer.

We got our mound out front finally almost finished...thanks, Haroldson clan! We also got the baseboards around the hardwood floors done. Next is new windows! The place is really shaping up.

Okay, so what I didn't tell you is that: David's Restaurant always means a big mess, Kenny came home from Spokane crabby and we got in a big fight on the way to Mother's Day dessert and I'm so exhausted with this new job that I'm taking a nap almost every day and that there are moments I'd kill to hear an adult voice in my house. And somehow all of that is Dave's fault. Not really. Oh...and the baby cat is pregnant. Kittens anyone? There's always a down side. The ache, the missing him, the occasional flare of anger, the oft-felt anguish, the sweet imagining of his face, his voice.

TEAM MEYER RALLY CALL: our family friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer is Kristi Wellington-Buttice. She's an amazing person, talented and dedicated and super, super smart. She's got the best attitude. She's sought out the best treatment there is. She's traveling every week to Seattle for chemo right now, which will later be followed up with radiation (6 weeks in Seattle) and surgery. I saw her today, and she looks fabulous. Her smile is radiant and I know if positive thinking makes a difference (which it DOES), she will be one to kick cancer's butt! She and her family need all the prayers you can muster.

A few weeks ago, I was reading the entries on Fred Schappert's guest book. Walla Walla is filled with the most caring people on this earth. I don't know if Kristi's going to set up a website. If she does, I'll post it here, but until then, please write in here with your thoughts and prayers for her, Forrest, Anthony (18), Nick (8)as well as her parent, Harv and Dee, and her niece Alyssa (17) and her stepdaughter Annaliese (10ish). I'll forward all of them to her. Let's bring the full force of our united faith into this fight on Kristi's behalf.

Much love to all of you. Chelle

PS. We're planning a summer trip to Chicago to meet up with Cathy and Cheri and all the kids, and Pete from Ohio is going to join us there, too. I can't wait until July!!


  1. Oh no, Chelle ... this isn't our Dee's daughter ... say it isn't so. Please know that all of the "others" from our website will be praying LOUD and strong for she and her family.

    I think of you often, and wish that Walla Walla and Auburn weren't 800 miles apart.

    See you soon!

    MUCH love,

  2. Have a wonderful time in Chicago. I was just there visiting family. My aunt just had 20% of her lung removed yesterday. Keep her in your thoughts as they determine her course of treatment.

    I'm thinking posively for your friend. I just went through a "thing" myself, and thought positively the whole time. I'm thrilled to say that all turned out fine! :)

  3. Hey Michelle
    Life sounds indeed busy; it seems to never slow anymore. Sounds like the Meyer household is hanging in there; I know it is so hard some days. You do it though and really you do it well. Even on those days when Kenny is crabby, you are tired and no other adult in the house; you do it well. My heart goes out to Kristie and her family. Your right she is strong and she can kick this and she will kick it. I have been praying for her from the moment I heard and I am on a call list for meals. I am so sorry for the family where cancer hits. The Chicago trip sounds like a blast except for the humidity that will be think in July but the friendship and fellowship will outway it. Stay strong and live strong. Your a great mom and a great friend.

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