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Hi all,
Well, Zach is pulling his usual. A's on his tests in Math Analysis. Not doing his homework. Doesn't add up to a good grade. So.....since drastic measures were called for, I DISCONNECTED the cable.

This means no tv.
No x-box 360.
No internet.

Am I punishing him or myself? Not sure about that.

I didn't disconnect it permanently, just removed the cords and put them in my car. We'll see how it goes.

But, dear readers, this means fewer updates on the blogs, because I'll have to go out into the cold to get the cords in my jammies after the kids are in bed.

It also means it will be harder for me to get my e-mails. I can check them from work, after my workday is done.

It also means that at work, I don't have my e-mail address book. So...if you haven't heard from me, please e-mail me again, I can't access the e-mails already on my home computer.

PETE IN OHIO...e-mail me, so I can add you to my online address book. I don't have your address now.

Hugs everyone.

Wish me luck, I meet with Zach's teacher on Thursday. At 6:00 AM!!!!! If you know me, you know that's a BIG deal. 6:00 AM!!!! Who in the heck gets up that early???? I know, I'm lazy. And apparently a lousy parent.

On a more serious note, Grandpa Spud died last night. Kate and I went to see him a few hours before he died. It was very hard for both of us, but especially Kate. Seeing Spud there, hearing that end-of-life breathing, it just brought back so many painful memories. Spud was sleeping with his mouth open, breathing shallowly, and it brought back pictures of Dave, the high fever, the fluctuating heart rate, the rattling in his chest. I remember worrying about him being thirsty. He couldn't drink, and we swabbed his mouth, but he couldn't swallow. Now sometimes I wake up in the night, my mouth and throat parched, and I think about how horrible it is to be thirsty. And I cry. And breathe.

Kate was glad for the chance to say goodbye. She laid her head on his chest and cried and talked about the new journey he was ready to take. "Hug Daddy for me."

Pray for Judy and Bob and Butch and Christy and Berries and all Spud's family. He's home now, with Grana Bert. A life well-lived, a man well-loved.



  1. I certainly understand drastic measures, even only having a 9 year old and 5 year old. What you are doing is awesome, even if it punishes you too. Sorry to hear the sad news too. Will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Oh Michelle
    I sit across the hall from you barely able to move hearing the news about grandpa. It brings tears and terrible memories of the last moments back in my mind. I am so sorry for you, for Kate, for your whole family. Dave will be thrilled to see Spud again . . . We are celebrating Tom's good news and anticipating what is happening with his mother but will know more later in the week. Your doing the right thing with Zack . . .it's hard but it is the right thing. With Morgan I pull up those "on line" grades every day and if there is a missing assignment I print it, highlight it, and leave it on her bed. It has really worked to keep her on her toes. Good luck and much love.

  3. I know just how you feel. The hard part is sticking to your guns.

    Thinking of you and the kids, especially Kate, with your loss.

    And working on e-mail response.

    --Patti in NJ

  4. Chelle,

    Sorry, but am I missing something? Zach has A's on his math tests and you are unplugging him? Hm. No one ever got A's in math at OUR house here! What am I missing. Well anyway, good for you. I'd unplug the world if I could but you're right, we couldn't email then. THAT would be bad. But the rest of it can go! GOOD LUCK with it. So sorry about Grandpa hard for you and Kate. How brave Kate is. Sending you hugs. Cath

  5. A life well lived is a good life, even though it must of been so painful to be with him before he crossed over. I remember all us us with grandma Kirkwood. When she passed. She had a good run. But we still miss her so.

    Hoping this will be the trick with Zach. We recently had to do somewhat the same with Rowene and it did the trick. Will be praying for you Michelle.
    Love Sherri

  6. Michelle and family,

    Thinking of all of you during this sad time.

    Hugs and prayers from Iowa,


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