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I have a new love in my life.
Benjamin Franklin.
Isn't he the one that discovered/harnessed electricity?
I also love the guys at Pacific Power and the utilities department of the city who worked all night long so I could finally get a shower and cook something without propane.
And I love my phone.
And the HEATER...oh the HEATER!!

Okay, you get it already. I know.
Whew, what a few days it's been. Lots of folks still without power or phone.
We lost the oldest tree in Washington here at Whitman campus. And a LOT of other trees. Lots of streets still closed.

And I'm way behind on everything that needs to happen for Monday.

But I'm warm now, so really, how bad can it be?

Besides, we got to play Dutch Blitz and Outburst and Apples to Apples by candlelight. And, for while anyway, that's even better than Rock Band. Especially with Q-baby, Donald, Drew, Will, Zach, Ali and a few others.

And we got to chase burglars away from the neighbor's house. Koda can sound REALLY scary.

Zach had a great game for WaHi tonight and the team remains undefeated.
And the Seahawks scored 14 points in 28 seconds and then, just for fun, scored another touchdown in the last minute of the game. Way cool.

So, yeah, all is well for the Lowell Street gang.

Love you all....

Patti...all my positive thoughts are with you, still. Hang in there. All is not lost if you can make yourself a cup of coffee without a camp stove! Many hugs.


  1. Shelley,

    Thanks. Thought I may have scared you off with my rambling missive of an e-mail message! LOL. We've got hospice in for my uncle, but - on the positive side - my dad's hair is growing back. (Woo-hoo!) He gets his latest scan results tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty hopeful!

    Glad you got your power back. I always kind of like when the power goes out. It's an unexpected adventure, and those are often a blast.

    For the record, I'm a big Ben Franklin fan. We also celebrate Edison's birthday in my house. It's actually February 11, but every time I walk in and all the lights are blazing, I ask the kids, "What? Is it Edison's birthday?" :)

    Take care!

    Hugs to you,

  2. Meyers,
    Sorry about your power outage. Sheesh, what a pain!
    About the burglars, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
    Scary! Actually, I have a little story about burglars.
    I am taking care of my neibors cats and on the first night i started, my mom came with me. When we got to the house, the door was half open. We were totaly FREAKED OUT so we ran home as fast as possible. (I have never seen my mom run so fast!!!) When we got home, my mom called the police and my heart was beating like a jackhammer. When the police man came, my mom and him went to the house and looked around. Nothing was out of place and the cats were fine. The next day, Jens (the woman i was catsitting for) sister came and found everything in the right place. It was all ok, but I am still superstitious about houses now.
    I am glad your power is back on and we cant wait to see you guys again!!!!!!!
    We all love you sooooooooooo much!!!
    <3 Sonja

  3. Chelle
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting; it was so great to see you. I am so happy for you and your new job. I am so thankful for the power as well and that our damage was so minimal compared to so many people in WW. It is so amazing how you continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep on trucking even those days you would rather cover your head with the covers. I can't believe the healing that has begun in my heart and I am so grateful for your friendship through this journey.

  4. Oh my, you ARE a country mouse, huh. Can you imagine MOI, without electricity??!! Sounds like you survived just fine, more than fine. Sounds fun!

    Hope all is well with the new job.....I'm sure it's crazy getting adjusted but you will. They are so lucky to have you.

    Happy New Year my friend!
    City Mouse Cathy


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