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Pictures of Aforementioned Events

It's tomorrow...and I successfully loaded pics onto flickr. You can see them in the Fall 07 album. Warning...there are 300+ pictures. I'll try to pick out a few of the best and load them here. Cross your fingers.

Okay, I always wanted to be in a High School Musical!

Yeah...I was bored. That's what I did while I was waiting for these pics to load and flickr and photobucket and blogger were all acting weird. They also did me morphing into Hilary Swank.

Finally got some pics loaded of:

Kenny's Birthday!

Kate with Koda:

Kate playing volleyball:

And there's always DUKE!!! Shown here with Koda. Spoiled rotten, the both of them.

And then Presley and Emily came over at 4 am to do Kate's hair. was 6:00...but it was LATE start Wednesday. They made cinnamon rolls and were so darn cute. Even Zach couldn't stay cranky.

Never enough football:

And...I should have taken pictures at the tux place. Kenny was no help. Zach was too much help. Poor Presley and poor Kendra. You can see Presley in the picture of the three girls, to the left of Kate and you can see Kendra in the picture at Kenny's party, sitting on the couch with Kate leaning her head on Kendra's shoulder. Anyway, Kenny ended up with a standard black tux with a vest to match Kendra's dress. Zach got a white-on-white gangster tuxedo complete with long coat, fedora and two-tone shoes. I drew the line at a cane. So needless to say, Kendra, Presley and I went to shop for the flowers WITHOUT the boys. Sigh. Having girls around is sure nice. They are so sweet and cute and thoughtful...and they're pretty to look at and even smell good! And they're nice to Kate. Presley even came to Kate's volleyball game. And when I see them talking and whispering and leaning their heads in together and playing with each other's hair the way girls do...I get a little twinge in the heart and a little sting in the eyes.

But, I've go to say, I do love Boy-Town. It's alive and well here, even though some boys (ahem...Andrew!!!!) have got their driver's licenses! They still find time to drop by the Meyer house. Madden 'O8 and Halo 3 and pepperoni pizza, you know. Dr. Pepper and huge stinky shoes and stupid dvd's and the sports section. 80's metal and hilarious home-made videos and secret handshakes. Crazy tube socks and face paint and midnight missions dressed in black. Scary movies and homework together and talking in Spanish. Laughing so hard you can't stop and doing those boy hugs where they bounce off each other's chests. Playing loud and working hard. It really is what life's all about. I wouldn't trade them for a whole passel of girls. Well, at least not permanently.

Sending my love out there to all of you. Thanks for walking with me and listening,
while we work through whatever comes.

Thanks especially to those who write in. Sue and Cathy and Kathie and Sherri and the Mouat Clan (CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!)and Kathy...I can always count on you...and it keeps me going. More than you can imagine. Especially on THOSE days. You know the ones. And new friends like Patti in NJ and Cindy in VA. And good to hear from you. Like always, I think we write with the same pen and breathe in tandem. I have lots to say about what you wrote...if flickr hadn't worn me out, I'd ramble. But let's just say...YUCKY and LONELY were two of the words that resonated for me. I'll write more later, too tired now.

Post from yesterday.....
I tried eight times to upload pics, but blogger is down, so you'll have to visit flickr to see them....Just click on one of the pictures in the header or go to the sidebar and click on "More Family Photos" and it will take you to my flickr site. I think you have to register. I'll try again tomorrow to post a few of them here.

Okay, now flickr's acting up. Or I'm just too tired to be doing this.

As Scarlett and my friend Claudia say....tomorrow!


  1. Loved these new pictures. Being a mom of two boys and a girl (also the youngest) too, I can relate to how different they and their groups of friends can be - and how you love them all because of those differences. My boys are more about music than sports, but the video games and machismo are certainly there! With my daughter also off to college this year, I can't tell you how I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving when they all come back and the whole gang will once again descend on my house - and specifically my basement, which they all refer to as "home base." Gotta love it!


    --Patti in NJ

  2. The pictures are awsome as always and the fun continues to flow in the Meyer household; I am glad it warms your heart. I know you wish Dave was there to enjoy this with you but I know he is looking down with that great grin on his face and saying "We done good Chelle" yep I know he is. I know you don't feel it but you are strong and your doing and the kids are doing and that for now is what we are grateful for. Know I am here pulling for you, loving you and certainly praying for you my friend. I am proud to be your friend.

  3. Hi Michelle and family,

    I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your journey with us and to let you know that I've learned a lot from you and Dave.

    I'm sure you've heard this before but I think you should write a book. You have a way with words that touches people. You have a way of making people think, feel and see things in a different way.

    You are a blessing to a lot of people!! You are loved!!

    Hugs,Love,and Prayers from Iowa,

  4. Michelle, I really don't have anything to say tonight. I just stopped in to check on you. Always so much fun at the Meyer house. Thank you for being there for so many people. I would love to get together again when and if things slow down. I know you are there with prayers for the many things I seem to ask for.
    Your a wonderful friend to many.
    Good Night Love Kathie

  5. The Mouat Clan10/18/2007 6:06 PM

    GREAT PICS!!! Sorry it took me a week to get writing here, been neck deep in financial advisor training. It's actually kind of interesting, but still a firehose effect! No luck yet on the house sale, but I am heading up to get started the 2nd week of November...hoping the house sells first...Looks like I'll miss football season though darn it, but when I get up there, I want a hoops schedule so I can at least see some of that!!! The hardest part of anything is the end they say, and waiting, waiting, waiting here trying to get up there definately fits that bill! We love you guys mucho mucho and can't wait to catch up and stay caught up in person.
    All our love,
    The Mouat Clan :o)

  6. I'm going to run Kennys card by tommorrow. Don't know the time for sure. Somewhere 12:00-2:00. Hopefully. It's been in my purse forever it seems and I can't locate your address for some reason to get it sent off. Don't wait around though.
    I'm going to look at the pictures now.
    You are a great mom!!!!!!!!!
    Thinking of you. Sherri


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