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Lean On Me

Another emotional week for the Meyer family.

Football is over, which is always a bit sad. The week between football and basketball, the boys drift around, wondering what to do with themselves. They love football, they love being with the guys, working hard, playing their hearts out, feeling close to their dad.

The freshman team ended the season 9-1. It's a group of very talented athletes and it's been so fun to watch them play. What is incredible to me is the strong connection these guys have to one another. They are a team, in the very best sense of the word. Their love and support of one another extends well beyond the field. Watching Zach, watching his teammates, I experience a sense of wonder. It's clearly more than football.

The freshmen had their end-of-the-year celebratory banquet. All the players were introduced, shook the coaches' hands and got their certificates. Zach, being Dave's son, took one look at the coaches outstretched hand and threw his arms wide for a bear hug.

Then a few of the kids presented the coaches with gifts and said a few words. Zach was first to go. He introduced the freshman head coach, Smitty. I recorded it so you can see, but the audio is hard to hear...and the camera work leaves a little to be desired. What he said was, "Well, my mom will be the first to tell you that I'm not much of a talker, but here goes. I had an awesome season. I had the best time ever. And, Smitty, he's one of the best coaches I ever had..." At this point, his voice began to crack. Soon, Zach was crying and the entire place was silent. Finally, he took a deep breath, looked at Smitty and said, "Let's just say, you remind me of my dad." Then Zach leaned into Smitty, who just hugged him. I was so proud of Zach, and as I looked around the room, many people were crying, remembering Dave, sending support to Zach. Another moment in time, etched on our hearts forever.

Last night was the JV/Varsity football banquet. It was Kenny's turn to close out the season. I'm always amazed by the phenomenon that is Kenny and football. He's out there every day, working hard, even knowing that he'll only get to play one or two downs each game. He's a loyal, expressive, vocal fan, cheering and shouting and sometimes groaning from the sidelines. I remember when he first wanted to play football. I thought, "Well, this is it. If he's going to get beat up, this is where it will happen." I prayed for his teammates to accept him, to include him. I prayed he wouldn't feel like an outcast or a burden. I remember watching his teammates help him get his shoulder pads on straight, get his cleats tied, find his position on the field. I watched as after practice, players gave Kenny high fives and slapped him on the back. I watched Kenny simply glow with the feeling of being a part of something bigger than himself. These guys did something more than simply tolerate Kenny; they embraced him, with all his quirks.

The Most Inspirational Player Award on any team is something special. It's voted on by the players themselves. At WaHi, this award has been re-named The Dave Meyer Most Inspirational Player Award. It usually goes to a senior. This year, there were 23 seniors on the football team. Incredible kids. I remember Dave talking fondly about many of them. A couple of them had their DM bands on their picture displays. These kids played with heart all year, so many of them exemplifying that kind of inspirational spirit that Dave showed. And yet, when the recipient was announced, it was Kenny.

Kenny is inspiring in many ways, don't get me wrong. He works hard, against odds that most of us never come close to understanding. He definitely has an indomitable spirit and an unflagging loyalty. But his receiving this award says a lot more about the players on his team than it does about him. It shows their unselfish caring for someone else. They gave Kenny a gift beyond measure, a moment with his dad. And I hope every one of those players realizes how grateful we are and know, in their hearts, that Dave is so very proud of them.

To those players, and to the coaches and staff that led the way, making it possible, thank you.

In other news,
Mom, Grandma and Aunt Anita came for a visit. It was wonderful to see them.

Also, thank you to the prayer warriors who continue to pray for little Nicholas. Good news! The last scan shows improvement. They can still see where the lesions were, but they are fading. Praise the Lord!! Keep praying for the Wellington-Baker family.

Yes, the floors are almost done. We would have had it nailed (ha, ha) after the second weekend, but ran out of wood. Here's a photo of the same doorway Duke was sitting in.

Doesn't it look fabulous? And I can run a chop saw, a jig saw, a table saw, two kinds of nail guns and only hit my thumb once. I AM Ty Pennington!

We've also been kind of wrapped up in TwoFace the past few weeks. He disappeared for 4 days, which is very unlike him. He came back and has some kind of neurological problem. They think it's ideopathic vestibular syndrome, which happens to old dogs, but since TwoFace is neither old nor a dog, we don't know for sure. It basically means he looks like he's spent the evening in a kitty pub. He can't walk straight and tilts to the right. At first he couldn't control his tongue, either, but now he's got that down, so he's doing a little better. Time will tell, I guess. The vet said sometimes they get better, sometimes not. He is walking a bit straighter, not just in circles, and he only falls every 5th or 6th step now, so he is improving. It's tough to watch, he's always been such an elegant cat in his tuxedo!


  1. Oh Michelle what a great post. Such good news all the way around. Such a great season Zach and his team had something to really be proud of. Congrats to Kenny for his award. He is very deserving of this. As you said it means so much for the team to vote Kenny this award. It also as you said says alot about the team. Your sure doing something right with your family. Dave is very proud of you. Your floor looks great that is one big job you took on. Watch out before you know it you will be able to build your own house. I am so happy to hear Nicholas is doing well. At this time of Thanksgiving we have many many things to be thankful for.
    Again Michelle thanks for bringing tears to my eyes. Your great at that.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the kids.

  2. Lisa D'Hondt11/22/2006 6:52 PM

    What a wonderful way to end football season. Wow! I've ruined my make-up! :) Such a touching speech from Zach and a wonderful award for Kenny!

    Your floor looks great! I am so impressed!

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving. We're heading to Kelso for a few days. Love, Lisa

  3. Michelle
    With Thanksgivng tomorrow and a another week of sorrow for our community with the death of Matt Stevens this was a wonderful post. Although I literaly cried my eyes out it was of pride and joy for those two boys of yours. I think all this rain tonight means that Dave has read the post to and he is so proud and full of joy he can't stop crying. Those seniors were most definantly Dave's guys to do something like that so unselfishly for Kenny and for Dave. Something Kenny will remember and cherish for the rest of his life. Zach is so grown beyond his years -- I'm glad I wasn't there I would have still been crying. I hope whatever your day brings tomorrow may love and hope surround the Meyer's family. God is so good and he proves it each and every day.

  4. you have some awful amazing kids..but then they have an exceptional role model to look up too..there are so many blessings to be so thankful for. you know that is what the Lord really wants anyway is hearts that are accepting of other people. cuz we all just want to be loved and accepted...happy turkey day..

  5. Chelle,

    The pics say it all......gotta love football and all it means to the guys. Great stuff going on there!! Poor TwoFace, I hope he is able to get better, you don't need any more patients in your house. The floor looks fantastic! I've got a job for you up on the 58th floor, room and board included!!!

    Hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend.

  6. Laurie Withers11/27/2006 1:45 PM

    Whenever I read your posts I am humbled by your eloquence and by your style. It was so great being with your family on Thanksgiving day. I hope you had a great day too - your pies and rolls were most excellent - Megan would like the recipe for the rolls. She's my pickle girl and with the dill she loved them! I'll be sending you the pics just as soon as I get them.
    You have exceptional children. I can hardly wait till we can get together again.

  7. Can't sleep. Have looked over your lean on me post a couple of times. Wanting to say something. Nothing seems right but I'll try.
    You are incrediable Michelle. Maybe you don't think so at times but you are. In in your unttermost weakness you are strong, sometimes more than others. You somehow get though - sometimes moment by moment good days, bad days, day by day. God only knows how. The kids are super kids because of you and Dave putting your all into them. Zach getting up and praising his coach and Kenny with his award. Kate dancing. Moments of great joy but I am sure a pain of sadness. Dave's boys Wa Hi football. A good day.

    Brain cancer. My friend in her thirties, brain tumor, surgery, a daughter with a significant disability, no father in the picture.

    Brain cancer, paster's wife at our old church in Walla Walla, two small children, time short.

    Brain cancer.... Just can't sleep.

    I look everyday at a picture that I had a friend make me of one of Dave's sayings. It hangs in my kitchen.

    Love is not a feeling. It's a decision.

    That's it isn't it. We can pray and pray that God can interven, change a outcome. Sometimes a miracle comes, sometimes it doesn't.

    We make that decision to love one another, see each other though those times. Some day to day connections. Some phone calls. Some posts on your sight. Some prayers. But love goes out your way Michelle from all your friends. Take care.

  8. What an awesome post! Brings tears to my eyes. There hasn't been a day that goes by since our wonderful (and too short!) visit with you that we haven't thought of you all. The floor looks great!! We are shooting for what will be likely our last summer visit for awhile (due to going overseas)in July again - will let you know when we get closer when we will be in WW. Give a big hug to everyone for us.
    The Mouat Crew


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