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Thunder and Lightning

I sit here, early this morning, thinking about the sky. How it reflects my moods and my feelings sometimes. Last night, it seemed that even the angels had had enough. Bolts of lightning streaked across the sky, blue light flashing outside, and the thunder rumbled. This morning, the rain comes down, steady. In the last 12 hours, I've slept little and moved from disbelief to anger to sadness to despair. So I come here, to ask for prayers.

The Wellington family has been a huge source of support and friendship for the Meyer family for years, since Dave was a little tyke. Harv coached football with Dave, taught Sunday school for our kids, Dee has been a listener and a friend, their daughter Kristi and her husband Forrest work with me at WWCC and have been so caring and faithful in their prayer support. Kristi has two sons, Anthony is Kenny's age, and Anthony has been such a great friend to Kenny. Nicholas is their little one.

It's time for us to rally for them. Nicholas, who is six (I think?), woke up with back pain on the 4th of July. The end result of lots of tests and running around is that they found two lesions on his lungs. The lesions appear to be tumors. They will be going to Seattle for more tests and to find out exactly what they are dealing with and what the treatment will be.

Please, please, please, right now, get on your knees and pray for this little guy and his family. I cannot bear to think of him sick. He is an adorable kid, cute as a button, friendly and smart as a whip. I think of how anguished my heart is over this, and wonder how Kristi can bear it. But being the kind of mama she is, she's already moving forward and researching her options, moving quickly to protect her child. Pray for peace for this family, pray for the wisdom and ability of the doctors to guide them toward a perfect, complete cure for Nicholas, pray for health and well-being, pray for safe travels. Pray for God to reach down and hold them all in the palm of His hand, safe, whole, happy, peaceful.

Thank you, Team Meyer. Please let us know you're praying by posting in the comments (you don't have to register to comment, you can comment anonymously, and just write your name in the post) or by sending an email: Click here to e-mail. Thank you!


  1. Praying!!!


  2. We're praying too.

    Taylor's Mom, Patsy
    Scotts, Mi

  3. I'll be praying too for their family.

    Kari T.

  4. I'm praying, too!


  5. We are praying in So. Cal for little Nicholas...and for all the Wellington family and friends for strength and courage in this journey.

    Love, Kara & Butch

  6. Praying for Nicholas, Please let Kristi and Forrest know we are here. We are team Meyer and Dave is forming an instant suport group for the Baker family and for little Nicholas.

  7. Praying for Nicholas, Please let Kristi and Forrest know we are here. We are team Meyer and Dave is forming an instant suport group for the Baker family and for little Nicholas.

  8. Oh Michelle when does it stop . . . . . . .
    Of course the Clark Household will be praying for Nicholas. He will be in our continual prayer. Kristie and Forrest are great parents and I know they will not stop until they find the answer and God will be with them.
    "Oh Dear God Please keep Nicholas in the palm of your hand."

  9. I'm praying for Nicholas and his family. I'm also praying for the Meyer family. You all have been through a lot.

    Hugs and prayers from Iowa,

    Kathy Randolph

  10. Praying, thinking, sending human strength and love to my dear phone-a-friend Dee, as well as to Harvey, Kristi and Forrest, Anthony ... and of course Nicholas. And hoping that Rob and Dave and John Meyerholtz and Kevin Terry and Fred Schappert can put on their angel wings and shelter this family while they wait to learn what new trials lie before them.

    I am glad they have the resources of Team Meyer behind them. Thank you, Chelle, for this information. Please keep us updated as they get answers in Seattle. Thank goodness for children's hospitals and fot the doctors there.

  11. My prayers are joining the many others that I know are being sent. I think of you often, Michelle, even though I haven't logged in.

    Tina Gabriel

  12. Our family of four are praying!
    The Whites

  13. We have been praying since finding out!! Chris--
    Nicholas' dad works with my husband, and we found out first hand. Glad to know the tests are o.k. and Mega Antibiotics are on their way to treating Niko. Maybe it's the same juice Zach had!?
    Hopefully the summer will straighten out for all!


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