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Father's Day and Baseball

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 2:17 AM CDT

A wonderful Father's Day we had. We are so blessed...surrounded by the love of so many great dads.

Today was baseball...Zach's friend, Jake, invited him to play on his team, since they were short players. It was a great night. Deb and I loved watching the boys together on the same team again! Zach hit two doubles and played catcher the whole game. They won!! It's a lot of fun to be on a winning team once in a while!

Kenny is in Moscow, Idaho at the University of Idaho football camp with all the rest of the Wa-Hi football players. (This is why Jake's team was short...lots of kids at football camp.) Kenny is having a lot of fun. He's playing wide receiver, said they lost one scrimmage today and won one, and he caught some passes. Very cool. He's having the time of his life, and we miss him terribly! We're going to Idaho on Thursday to watch some of the scrimmage on Friday and bring him home. Can't wait to see him. He's had fun calling us with the cell phone. What a crack-up!

Dave is slowly feeling a bit better. He got up and walked a little today. He went to the baseball game, sat in the van because of thunder, rain and lightening, but enjoyed getting out for a bit. His pain is a lot better, but he is still exhausted...and having some nausea, too. He says eating is just a chore. Thanks for all of you who are lifting him up in prayer. It's been a really, really hard few weeks. I'm hoping that getting up a little more and exercising will help him regain some strength and energy.

Keep signing that guestbook, please. Dave loves to read the entries before he falls asleep, and he prays for each person who writes in.

Love you all, Shelley


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