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No news is good news

Thursday, May 12, 2005 5:50 PM CDT

Updates are sparse, I know. That's good news. Not too much happening. The pic above is Kenny at the regional Special Olympics track meet. He got 2 gold medals, a silver medal and a 5th place ribbon. He's now qualified to go to the state meet at Fort Lewis in June. WAY TO GO, KENNY!

Dave got his third infusion Wednesday. He is certainly holding his own. The double vision has cleared, his balance is pretty good and his energy is okay. No nausea or vomiting, and only one bout of intestinal upset.

He'll have an MRI in June to see if the tumor is finally shrinking.

Monday we see the surgeon about placing a port. The veins are getting very, very difficult to find, and this weekly infusion is taking a toll.

The kittens are growing like crazy and are all over the house. It's been a lot of fun. Well, mostly fun. I'm soooo glad they can use a litter box now!

Thanks to Alex for the brownies and the laughs. Thanks to Missy Peterson for the music and the prayers. Thanks to Deb for always being there and both Debs for taking my kids. Thanks to Mom & Dad Meyer for all their help. Thanks to Bob for eating lunch at your desk. Thanks to all our church family for the meals and the prayers and your continual uplifting of our family. Thanks to Melinda for being the most understanding boss in the world. Thanks to Jillian for being the greatest sub in the world. Thanks to Bev for her love and her constant support. Thanks to Mark for coming to see us. And to all of you who walk this journey with us....who are there during the crazy rollercoaster times, and the peaceful times, and the dark times, too....thank you for your love.

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:45


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I've been living in a bit of denial.
I know.  Big surprise.

With all the excitement and chaos of moving,
And all the stress of living in limbo,
I somehow missed that I'd be leaving some things
some people

I know I'll be back often.
To see my kids and the new grandbaby,
friends and family.
This fact allowed me to forget...
there are some I won't see.

Even though we promise to keep in touch,
Life has a way of getting busy.
Good intentions and all that.

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I finally decided that if after six years, I still wanted it, maybe it was time.

The writing is Dave and Doug's.
Taken from notes they wrote me.
They always signed their notes the same way.

I thought I was doing it in memory of them.
To mark the way they are always on my heart.
To have a visible reminder.
A permanent keepsake,
always with me.

And while it is that.
It is also more.

I didn't realize it,
until afterwards.

It's a marker.
A closing of a chapter.
Closure, if you will.

I don't know how to explain it.
The minute it was finished,
I knew.
I knew something inside me was different.

and to a lesser extent,
have been part of my every thought
every day
for over 10 years.

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