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Whine with that Cheese, Michelle?

Saturday, January 22, 2005 8:14 PM CST

We're home!!! Hooray! Dave is looking better each day. His left side weakness is about the same as yesterday. He says his left leg just sometimes decides to say, "see ya!" and leaves. So far so good on the stairs, tho. His thought processes and response time are better than before surgery. Praise the Lord! Now if we can just find a way to keep it from growing again.

Now the complaints. Just time for me to whine, I guess. Feel free to check out now.

1. Pioneer Middle School has the NERVE to send me a nasty letter about Zach's absences. Geeze. The kid broke his arm and has a sick dad. And still had a 3.85 at last grade report. Imagine. *sarcasm on* Good thing I kept them informed about what was going on, asked for his assignments ahead of time and helped him keep caught up in classes. *sarcasm off* (Well, he did fall behind in science some, but should be caught up by Monday.) Just irksome. You'd think those absences were for shopping trips. Grr!

2. The ambulance company in Pasco is sending us to collections because our insurance still hasn't paid the $777 that it cost to transport Z to the hospital when he broke his arm.

3. We STILL don't know when gamma knife is.

4. The oncologist from UW had nothing to tell me, just that he'd talk to Dr. Sacks.

Okay, I think I need some sleep and a good cry. Must be all that driving. I think I have ITF disorder....inability to tolerate frustration.

Tomorrow will be better. Love, Shelley


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