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Healing Service

Thursday, January 20, 2005 1:30 AM CST

Hello faithful prayer warriors!! Keep it up!! It's working, it's working, God is merciful and great and hears our every prayer, knowing our every need before we ask.

Dave is in pretty good spirits this evening. He is processing so much quicker than before the surgery, and the droop on his face is completely gone. He is able to move his arm completely and freely and is also able to move his leg. He is weak, but this will resolve with work and time and as the swelling goes down.

He takes such strength from knowing how many are praying for him and thinking of him. Please keep those notes coming, they mean the world.

My mom and dad took the kids home today, travel was good. Hooray. Bob & Judy and Bob, Mindy & kids and Greg, Stephanie and kids are staying until tomorrow. Denise is right here beside me, every step of the way. Thanks for the note Bonnie, Dave needs me, and I'm glad I have Denise to keep me going and mom & dad to make sure the kids are okay.

The docs from tumor board met and then shared the results....WITH DAVE!!! What were they thinking??? He isn't quite sure what they said. He thinks gamma knife is coming, but he also said tonight and his nurse looked at him like he had a hole in his head...ha (okay, bad pun, but it's almost midnight and Denise and I are doing laundry, so we're entitled. Ask us about the green puzzle sometime! The one with the ducks.)

Dave's pain is better, they have him on oral pain med (oxycodone) now rather than morphine, so he's more alert.

The OT came and tried to get Dave to stand up. He said, "Nope, not gonna do it, my head hurts." So the PT came, made him stand up and he promptly threw up on her. Serves her right, I'd say. He's been getting zofran for the nausea.

I forgot to check on platelets tonight, they did have to give him additional platelets this morning.

He had the nurse from hell all day today, but the night nurse is a gem. Let's hope that it's better tomorrow. I think the nurse was just mad that we took over the waiting room. We had 20 people here supporting Dave all yesterday and today. Plus Erik, Evy, Canute, Sonja, Mark, and then some school folks dropped by. How great that there was an OSPI conference in Seattle. Thanks for coming, Brian, Ron, Kenny, Malia, Missy and Rob.

Thanks for everything. Now, like Zach said, "God, do your stuff...amen!"


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A permanent keepsake,
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