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Sick, sick, and more sick

Tuesday, November 30, 2004 2:16 AM CST

Dave is still doing well. His labs were today and they are still good. His pulmonary function test was last week, no results yet.

He's pretty tired, and still has that nagging cough and a bit of a sore throat.

Now....the rest of us, well, that's another story. Kenny broke his perfect attendance record of 6 years and was sick the whole week of Thanksgiving and missed school. He was soooo mad. I stayed home with him and got it, too. No strep, though, the doc says it's adeno-virus. Kate came down with it middle of the night, well, actually Sunday morning. I was down for 5 days solid, felt horrible for another 3 and am still coughing. Kenny was the same, so I expect Kate to be down til Thursday or Friday. She has it in her eye, too. Ick. Should have known to up the vitamin regimen when I said,
"Gee, it's been ages since the kids were sick!"

Zach went to Seattle with the Dammarell family to see Drew Bledsoe slaughter the Seahawks. He also got to go swimming, horseback riding, stay in a suite, eat room service and apparently avoid all germs. After the fall he's had, I'd say nobody deserves it more! He had a great time. Thanks Linda, Tom and Jacob.

The NINE fairy hats are all finished for the recital, (100 glue sticks later--no, I'm not kidding) just the santa hat and skirt...and only one of those! Going to bed!

Love you all.


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