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Thursday, May 18, 2006 11:48 PM CDT

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update. I can't believe I'm staring Friday in the face again....we just got back from Vancouver and it's time to pack for Seattle. The good news is the whirlwind is almost over.

Last weekend, Zach's basketball team went to Vancouver to an Oregon Prep basketball tournament, looking for a little competition. Seems that we looked in the wrong place. The boys played incredibly well and swept the tournament, winning their games by an average of 28 points. Amazing! It was fun to see them so on fire! Mom and Dad got to come and see the games, as did my Uncle Art and Cousin Gwen. It was a fabulous time, beautiful weather, a great weekend.

We were pretty tired after that!

Kate is playing softball and having a really good time. Things are gearing up for her dance recital on June 3 at Cordiner Hall, so she's getting excited about that.

Kenny misses track, but is having a good time playing Challenger baseball. He's hitting the ball like crazy, and gone is the wood-chopping batting stance.

Zach's school baseball team finished their season winning most of their games. His select baseball team has been gearing up and had their first game yesterday. They beat Milton-Freewater 21-2. Zach played catcher all 8 innings and was so sweaty! He hit a triple and slid into third base and came up a MUDBALL! Ick. But he had a blast! He hit two triples and a solid single. He is LOVING his coach and feels like he's learning a lot. We'll have tournments pretty much every weekend through July.

Got the boys registered for classes at WaHi. Can you believe I'll have two kids in high school???? Football practice starts in a few weeks and they're excited for that.

Thanks to everyone that bought raffle tickets from Zach:
Kathie Farrens
Judy Peasley
Terri Hampson
Carol Bond
Marc Yonts
Mike Braddock
Ty McEuen
Shannon Ahrens
Bryan Eggart
Val Neiffer
Laura Rau
Kristi Wellington-Baker
Brian Richard
Bob & Judy Meyer
Bob & Mindy Meyer
Alex Falcon
Maribeth Bergstrom
Mimi Mott
and "Help Is On The Way" Debra Wright

And a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to the two companies that sponsored Zach's playing on this team:

Evergreen Labs: Staci Wanichek, Cassie Rothstrom & Cheryl Corn
O'Brien Chevrolet

Amazing support. We are so grateful!

Wish us luck in our Seattle tournament. Win or lose, we win because we get to see Evy, Erik, Canute & Sonja and Mark & Christina!

Love you all,


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