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Okay. Enough already.
I hate snow.

Not as much as brain tumors.
Or seizures.
Or cancer.

But I do hate it.
And we have almost a foot of it.

I mean it's beautiful and all.
Peaceful, quiet.
At night the moon glows on the snow and it's like day in my backyard.

We had sun in the middle of all this.
Six degrees, but sunny.
And the snow sparkled like diamond dust.

But it does some ugly things.
Like this:

Zach got in a fender bender Tuesday. He left campus for lunch. (I KNOW! I can't believe he did that with the roads so bad, either!) And was following Greg. Kailee was following Zach. A car spun out in front of Greg, who was able to stop in time. Zach, with no ABS, slid into the back of Greg. Kailee, rather than hit Zach, slid into a ditch and took out a fence. Everyone is okay, but as you can see, the Toyota is not. And we only carry liability on it. Sigh.

We drove back and forth to Richland last weekend as the snow started. We went to a basketball tournament for Kate's team. They played really well. It was exciting to see them. They got new uniforms and we had a great time. Kate was on fire. She had one game with 10 points and 6 rebounds!!! The basketball was great, but the driving was stressful. And I didn't get to do any of my Christmas shopping. I'm usually done in November but between Deb's mom and my DadBob, we didn't go. I've done NOTHING!!!!

Working backwards here...
Getting the tree,
decorating the house.
Always at Klicker's.
Always the first Saturday of December.
As you will see, this year, it was positively balmy that day.

The Klicker guy cuts our tree.
We agreed pretty quickly again this year.
Got some candy, paid for the tree.

And then...

Yeah, I know. People do it all the time.
But not us.
One time in Tacoma, I talked Dave into climbing onto the roof to put all blue lights on our little house. As he was up there, this storm came in. Freezing rain and blowing wind. And, Dave, if you remember, didn't like heights in the first place. I think he only did it that time because I was pregnant with Kyle.

"Last time I do that, Shelley."
And it was.

I put lights on bushes sometimes.
And in the windows sometimes.
But never again on the house.

Until this year.
Look. My kids.
On the roof.
Dancing on the chimney for goodness sake!

And then the tree decorating.
I always miss Dave so much during this.
He liked to tell stories about the ornaments.

Like McIllvaigh Man. The ugly little ornament that his sixth graders gave him one year. I always hung it in the back. He always moved it to the front.

And Kyle's ornament. That Christmas we were waiting and waiting for Kyle to be born. It's amazing to be hugely pregnant at Christmas-time. Something magical and extra beautiful about it.

And the nail. The nail that symbolizes the real gift. Hidden deep within the tree.

And the first year we were together. We had a Christmas branch. Picked up from the gas station around the corner where the big trees were. Decorated with popcorn and cut-outs from wrapping paper because we had no ornaments.

And the Charlie Brown tree that Dave and Doug went up the mountain to cut down. (Illegally, I'm sure.) Sad, wimpy thing with drooping branches. They were so proud of themselves. Oh, how I miss both of them. Their birthdays are coming up. Dave on the 28th, Doug on the 30th. This time of year reminds me of them together in so many ways. That winter that I was pregnant with Kyle, and after Kyle died, Doug was with us, all the time. I remember the snow. And the silly hats Doug and Dave wore. And how they always reminded me of two puppies. Jumping and rolling on each other.

And Dave's voice. So resonant, so clear. Reading to us.
From the Grinch.
And the Christmas story in the Bible.

And the tangles of lights. Oh how he used to get mad about those lights. "Do you really need so many? Really?"

Christmas tree decorating goes smoothly and efficiently these days. There is still laughter. Still a few tears. And we faithfully wear our Santa hats. But without the Dave touch...well, it isn't the same. But then again, you've already heard that.

And right now...I finally get time to update the blog because Kenny and I are staying up all night. Yes. A-L-L N-I-G-H-T! Sleep deprived EEG in the morning.

They're calling for more snow tonight. So far, none.

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  1. Hope all went well with Kenny.

    As for the car, well, I had a few such incidents when I was younger.

    Thing is, I learned to do lots of stuff to the car myself, change the oil, etc. and then I had a bunch of friends who knew car repair (my brother worked in a service station for a while) and we'd get together and fix all sorts of stuff ourselves.

    I called all over town once trying to locate a junkyard with the same make and model of my car for spare body parts and I drove down into the really scary gang-ridden part of Santa Ana to go pick up a trunk lid and quarter panel for the front of my Mercury Capri. My college roommate helped me remove the parts from the car at the junkyard (OK, the employees took pity on our female ineptitude and helped too).

    There are ways...

    It's not snowing here but it feels like its not that far away from being cold enough, my hands were numb all day yesterday and for San Diego, this is really unusual.

    Now get some sleep.

  2. Michelle, sorry to hear about the car! But, come on, snow at Christmas?! That is just the neatest! Now, snow in January and February I can do without! Hope you are all well. Things are crazy busy here, the sitters decorated the tree with the kids for the second year. I just can't do that yet. Hope you have a peaceful, magical Christmas. Peace. Pete

  3. Thank goodness we left before the last snow storm; it was hitting as we loaded the plane. It is warm here in Phoenix. I was glad to see the pictures though. Home again, memories again, but mixed with good times. I know you feel the same. Wishing the Meyers Family Good Holidays.

  4. The pictures, the update are great. What a beautiful time of year. The snow is so pretty as I sit and look out at our little tree's with small white lights.
    I feel very blessed when I think of my friends which leads me to think of you Michelle.
    I want to wish your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  5. Michelle hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. Hi Chellebelle,

    I, too, am sick of snow. And the cold. It's been a brutal winter, already, with more on the way, for all of us!! Fa la la la la! My tree is STILL not decorated so you are waaaaay ahead of me. I COULD pull an all nighter I My dear country mouse friend, I hope you can take a break. Catch your breath. That is my wish for you... a bit of peace and calmness. Sending you a big hug and lots of love. Merry Christmas. Your city mouse friend. Cathy

  7. I really should figure out how to make an account (or better, how to remember a password for one of the probably many accounts I have) so I don't have to be Anonymous. Oh well, you know who I am. :)

    Criminy, haven't you explained to Zach yet about your luck? He obviously shares it. We haven't let Jake take his car to school since the snow fell for this very reason! Hopefully as soon as I get some time off (I'm even working tomorrow, on Xmas Eve!) we can get snow driving practice in, cause this stuff aint going nowhere. And once you get used to having them drive themselves, there's no going back.

    I'm going to find some time to be Martha, and bake something delicious so I'll have a reason to head into the arctic freeze & come by and see you. It's Carol, Dennis, Denise, et al in Wally World this Xmas right?

    Loved the post hon. Dave was so very Christmas, it must be impossible without him. The "new normal" really bites sometimes.

    Love ya, -Deb

  8. I hate to tell you...but I love snow! I grew up in the midwest and we had snow for most of our Christmas days.

    Now in balmy Florida we are expecting a very hot Christmas day.

    It still seems odd to me.

    I understand the car...not because I ever had a weather related fender bender! Thank goodness everyone was fine.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Hi Michelle! I'm meeting Stacy today for lunch! Thank you for connecting us!

    Hey, do you know how I can put a picture on this. I have some pictures now and just tried doing it, but I didn't figure it out.

    It's snowing again here today-in Western Washington-that's just wrong! :)

    Keep safe! Lisa

  10. I figured out how to add a picture! :)

    I met Stacy yesterday! We talked for 2 hours! We're planning to get together again sometime.

    Are you coming to Bellingham? I'd sure love to see you. Take care! Lisa

  11. Hoping things are good 'busy'. Love to you and all your giant offspring. =)

  12. Hey Michelle long time no post! How is everyone? How were the holidays? Miss reading your posts.


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