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Okay, homecoming. Wow...what a night! It was a good day to be a Meyer!

First of all, Zach got to play quite a bit. He looked good. He had a HUGE fumble recovery. It was awesome. I was too busy cheering and shouting to take a picture, so imagine him climbing out of the bottom of a huge pile of red and white jerseys and holding the ball aloft in that universal gesture of triumph! Just doesn't get any better than that.

Then...halftime. The band played, the dance team performed.
The rain was pouring down. Sheets of it. Kenny and Drew watched the football team head to the lockerroom. They walked around the track. This girl came running out of the stands and threw herself into Kenny's arms. I watched for a minute and then realized OH! it was Kate!

The very cool cars came around the corner. Kenny and Mia were in an 07 Mustang. (Mia, after a mad dash to the car after her dance team performance.) The couples got out of the cars and were lined up along the side of the field, holding their umbrellas. Each couple had a box in front of them.

The announcer said that 4 of the boxes had purple and red balloons in them, reflecting the theme of the Homecoming Dance - Moulin Rouge, but one box would have blue and white balloons for Blue Devil pride, and that would be your king and queen.

I held my breath. They fumbled with the box. Finally, it opened and BLUE and WHITE balloons floated out. Mia broke out into a huge smile. Kenny looked a little stunned. Then he saw Mia's face and his face flooded with joy. He held his arm aloft and beamed! They came and put the crowns on. We were all just screaming and yelling. It was an amazing moment.

Then the football team came out of the lockerroom and took the field. Zach saw the crown on Kenny's head and ran over to give him a huge bear hug. Kenny walked along the fence, hugging people, smiling, wearing his crown. I thought about Dave. How much he loved Homecoming. How much he loved the Blue Devils. How much he loved his boy. Blew him a little kiss.

Then the second half. Zach played well. Kenny got in the game.

WaHi won the game. That was the icing on the cake.

Mom, Dad, Deb and I had gone out to dinner before the game. After running about a billion teenagers around. Zach had JV practice and then had to get on the bus, everything was crazy-busy. But we managed to get the tuxedos. And get everyone where they needed to be.

So-after the game, huge celebration at the Meyer house. Well, actually, the Bond motorhome in the driveway of the Meyer house. The boys got food at 7-11 and the girls made a nest in the basement. We sat around and reminisced, talked about Dave and times past. It was good.

Then this morning. EEEEK! Pick up flowers, press tuxedos, all three kids get haircuts, clean the house, forget lunch, get crabby, remind self to sleep more often. Decide sleep is for the weak. Take a nap anyway. Wake up puffy-eyed. Send Kate to a soccer game and the corn maze. Holler at Zach because he STILL doesn't know what the plans are for dinner, when he has to be where and when or if I'll be able to take pictures of him and his date. He's so his dad. Truly.

Get an iced coffee from McDonalds. Ahhhh. Nirvana. Better.

Deep breath. Are you tired yet?

Get the boys dressed. Cry. Smile at them. Cry again.
They are so handsome. Their dad should be here to see this. Really.
Get a little mad. Cry some more.
Take some pictures.
Lots of pictures.

Watch them drive away.
Cry a little, mostly on the inside.
Think about the students at WaHi. How incredible, how awesome, they are. What a gift they have given to Kenny. Over and over again, they embrace him. They give me hope. They are going to change this world. They're already doing it. AND...they're throwing Kenny a surprise birthday party after the dance. Complete with a Seahawks cake. Because, in addition to being KING, today is his birthday! EIGHTEEN!

Dave and Kenny.
My Kings.
I have been blessed.


  1. Shell
    I am sure all that thunder, wind and rain on Friday night was to remind you that Dave wa there and he was cheering the loudest for Kenny. Then today as the sun comes up he is celebrating a wonderful weekend; one that will warm your heart for awhile and carry you on your path . . .

  2. Lisa D'Hondt10/05/2008 4:11 PM

    Wow! What a weekend! I am so happy for all of you! What a birthday for Kenny! :) Love, Lisa

  3. So happy to hear the big news! :) GO KENNY!

    I'm sorry (not really) that the only downside to your weekend is that our Giants beat the Seahawks. Ok, crushed them. Sorry. Sort of.

    Seriously, though, I'm so happy for Kenny. What a memory!

  4. Oh, Shell-
    It is good to be a Meyer. Thank you for sharing a wonderful weekend with your readers!
    As you cry on the inside, remember, as I know you do, those three incredible kids you hold near and know that Dave LIVES on!
    Love to you tonight and always,
    Becky Betts
    Way to go King Kenny!!

  5. This is great stuff!!

    Now, was the purple vest and tie purchased in anticipation of winning the purple crown, or was it pure coincidence or divine intervention?

    Congrats to all!!!!

    Pete Bain


    Both of your boys and their dates looked very nice.

    Kathy from Iowa

  7. That is SUCH an awesome story, you have been blessed richly.

    Go Kenny.

  8. What a weekend! How far you have come to be able to say you are blessed. YOU give the world hope.


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