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Homecoming Week

Friday: We found out that Kenny had been nominated for Homecoming Court. Cool beans, eh? 10 guys and 10 girls get nominated. Pretty amazing. Did you know that Dave was homecoming king in 1980?

Friday night: Denise, Darren, Amy, Luke and Grandma & Grandpa join us in Richland for the WaHi game. Our first defeat. Zach eased in a bit on special teams after his sprained neck. That's his bum in the air - making a tackle.

Saturday: Then the entire crew went to WSU to see Jake and the football game. Cougs lost, too. Not a very good football weekend. It was great to see the family, though.

Monday: They had a big pep assembly. The announced the 5 guys and 5 girls who are on court. And guess what??? Kenny made it!! He is so over-the-top excited about it. Friends who work at WaHi called and texted and e-mailed to tell me how excited Kenny was. A couple of them were in tears. The kids at WaHi are amazingly good to Kenny. It's truly magical. I guess Kenny was so excited he ran down and rushed right past the girl who was supposed to give him his sash and escort him to the color guard. He figured it out, though. Here's a pic from the WaHi website.

Still Monday: And Kate had a volleyball game. They won their match. It was really cool to see these girls. Last year, they had trouble directing their hits, they couldn't serve over the net half the time and they did a lot of giggling. This year, it looks like real volleyball. Her basketball is starting up as well, so she's a busy girl. Algebra is her favorite class. Takes after Granpa Bob.

Tuesday: I worked late and Grana & Granpa took the kids to Buff Puff, which is a boy's volleyball game.
(Imagine pictures of a crowded noisy gym.)
Wednesday: Kate had another volleyball game. Lost this one. Then it was the powderpuff football game. Juniors vs. Seniors. A huge battle. Some of those girls ought to play on Friday night! They were tough. And my boys skirts. Get a load of this:

Very spirited young men!

Today: Was Dress-Like-Your-Favorite-Teacher day. Zach and Kenny both were mini-Daves. They wore WW hats, black WWBD football polos, khaki shorts and DAVE buttons. So handsome. Didn't manage to get a picture. Might have to stage one later. Tee hee.

Tonight. Well, tonight, I had 30 or so young men descend on the house like a hoard of locusts! Senior parents take turns hosting Thursday night dinners. It was my turn. Thank goodness my mom and dad showed up yesterday or it would have been a disaster. We made a HUGE pot of my canning kettle!! And about 50 baked potatoes. We set up a baked potato bar and chips/salsa and a veggie tray. Wow. Can they eat. Dad thought we'd be eating chili for a week...I mean I used 8 pounds of hamburger! But no...maybe enough left for one meal. The kids were fabulous. Grateful and polite and cleaned up after themselves. They all went to see if they could all stuff themselves into Kenny's room. They made it. And we had birthday cake for Kenny. Albertson's had made this wonderful half-sheet cake, with a football field and his jersey on it and some footballs. It was so COOL. (Does saying cool all the time make me sound old?) And on the way out to the parking lot, it flipped off the cart and landed face down on the pavement. OH CRAP, NEVER MIND! (I forgot to tell you that story. It's a Jake thing. We were trying to get out of a parking lot at WSU and he'd say, "Go this way." And it would be a dead end. And Jake would say, "Oh crap, never mind." So it's a new saying at our house.)

Anyway...Albertson's made a complete new cake in time for the party. WOW! So, if you live in Walla Walla and need a cake...go to Albertson's. Tell 'em Kenny's mom sent you.

Tomorrow is the game, and we find out about King and Queen at halftime. Signing off, singing, "Oh I just can't wait to be King!"


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  2. Very COOL! (And no, it doesn't make you sound old to say "cool." At least I hope not!) Haha.

    My cousin's daughter was crowned Homecoming Queen at her school in Michigan last week. The cool (there's that word again!) part is that Hannah is a makeup-shunning, hockey-playing, practical-joking riot of a kid, not a glamour girl - although she is beautiful. Sometimes it's the "nice kid" who gets the prize! :)

    Best wishes to Kenny, though we know that being part of the court is a huge honor in itself.

  3. I can feel King Kenny in my heart. No matter what it will be a memory. I was thinking of you last night when that rain, thunder and wind started. Glad dinner went well.

  4. A friend told me about Kenny! Shivers went through my body and even a was like yesterday seeing Dave and Lori crowned as King and Queen. (okay, so it was Best of luck to Kenny, just being on the court is a true honor for him. Hope to see you there. All my love, Val

  5. Go Kenny!
    It's your turn to shine!
    What an awesome experience!
    Just wait, maybe next year it'll be Zach up for the nomination too!
    You got our vote Kenny!
    Good luck in the game tonight!

    Sara and family
    Walla Walla

  6. Congratulations on WINNING KING!!!
    I had tears of joy streaming down my face when McKenzie came home from the awesome game and told me the news!!!
    Congratulations Meyer family!!
    Love Ya!
    The Huxoll family

  7. You know what? I had three kids...all born in 3 1/2 years. My two boys played basketball, baseball, football, soccer, cross country and swim team. My girl cheered, gymnastics, swim team, piano and dance!I would have had a post for every day if I had blogged back then.....and I miss it all. Enjoy it....for YOU and for DAVE.

  8. Can't wait to hear who made King, but we all know Kenny IS a king anyway! As always, I'm exhausted from reading a day in your life Meyers clan!!! Looks like lots o fun is being had by all, GOOD !!! Happy Homecoming!

    Your citymouse friend,

  9. Michelle Greg just told me the king was Kenny how great is that. You must have been thrilled. I had a tear also when he told me. You can be very proud of your kids. I know Dave is smiling above.


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