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Okay, first you should know that Zach is a very creative sort. He helped with the idea for Kenny's invitation for Kendra. But then, he had to find his own date. So, with the help of Denali, he asked Kirsten to the dance. Like this:

Well, thank goodness he wasn't wearing a tank top at the time and she said yes! So now it's onto dinner plans, flowers, and tuxedos. Sheesh.

Didn't bring my camera to the last game. Why? Because I'm stupid like that.

Okay, so here's the scene. Zach is in the stands because of his sprained neck. Kenny is on the sidelines. Cheering until he's hoarse. Walla Walla is beating Ike pretty soundly. So in the third quarter, Kenny goes in. Makes a decent block. Next play, mixes it up with the defender a bit and, ahem, does a bit of jersey grabbing, otherwise known as "holding." Kid gets mad and the next play, knocks Kenny on his little kiester. HARD. And Kenny sits up, then lays back down and just lays there. Everyone is watching, quiet. The trainer goes out. The coach goes out. (Later turns out he just got the wind knocked out of him.) Eventually Kenny sits up and then walks toward the sidelines. The crowd is doing the polite "we're-sure-glad-you're-okay" clap. Kenny looks right up in the stands, thrusts his arm up, pointing at the sky and throws his head back in a triumphant gesture. The crowd goes nuts. The student section is yelling, "Kenny!" and the drums are pounding. And then Zach runs down from the stands, vaults over the fence and gives Kenny this enormous bear hug. (I missed that part...but Karen and several others told me about it). What a moment. What a drama king. (Kenny, not Zach...)

And then Kenny found out he was nominated for homecoming court. Wow. It's been his week.

Kate's had two volleyball games. She's a starting player on the 7th grade varsity. They've won both matches. She's been really excited and enjoys playing a lot. In other news, she did fall in PE today and on the street when I came to pick her up.

We went last weekend to see Jake at WSU. What fun we all had. Even in the pouring rain. Took Jake out to dinner after the game and took the poor starving student to the grocery store. :-) Actually, he's not starving at all and is working steadily on the freshman 15. He looks great and we were overjoyed to see him.

It was Dave and my 22nd wedding anniversary Saturday. I neatly avoided it by driving to Pullman and back. More later.


  1. Shell
    What sweet kids you have and creative, and athletic and energetic and in love with their mom. Wow!!! You have done amazing things keeping this family together. I think a trip to WSU was certainly a worthwhile way to spend that day.

  2. AHH!
    Zachs Arms.!
    and another AHH!
    We got wet! At the Coug game :]
    its still a cute picture.
    And i got mentioned about volleyball, YES!!!
    hahaha. i love you Momma. :]]

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I remember the day as if it were yeseterday. The night still remains a little hazy, thanks to Trooper Bond and his Black Velvet.

    Love you,

    Peter B.


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